Beauty products that should and should not be stored in the fridge

As a general rule, organic cosmetics, which have natural ingredients, should be stored at cool temperatures as they are prepared without preservatives.

Many people often think that preserving cosmetic beauty in the refrigerator can prolong the life of the product. In addition, the use of cooled cosmetics will give the skin a better sensation. However, not all cosmetic products can maximize their beauty effect if stored improperly.

According to beauty and skin care experts, for refrigerated cosmetics, you need to keep them in the fridge environment right after use because these products can easily be separated into layers, leading to damage. As a general rule, organic cosmetics, which have natural ingredients, should be stored at cool temperatures as they are prepared without preservatives.

Therefore, to understand what kind of cosmetics should and should not be stored in the refrigerator, let’s check out the list below.


1. Moisturizer

Keeping your moisturizer at cooler temperatures will help soothe the skin. Especially for rosacea, this is considered a good solution. However, you should check the ingredients before putting the moisturizer in your refrigerator. Because products made from oil (for example coconut oil) can be transformed into solids. In addition, the cold will change the structure of the product, causing the oil to lose its smoothness.


2. Cleanser

Cleansing the skin with cold cleanser, the capillaries on the skin are more likely to contract, while reducing puffiness. Therefore, facial cleanser is one of the beauty cosmetics that can be placed in the refrigerator.


3. Sunblock and sunscreen

Most sunscreens should be stored in the refrigerator. On the one hand, this method will extend the life of the product. On the other hand, cool sunscreen will last longer when it is applied on the skin.


4. Powder

Foundation, eyeshadow, blusher, press powder... in general are beauty cosmetics that should be stored in a dry environment. Therefore, you should not put these cosmetics in your refrigerator, because the refrigerator will create moisture, which will cause mold and damage your skin.


5. Eyeliner

Eyeliners made from wax after being stored in the fridge for a long time will give your eye a more even edge, because the cold will keep the ingredients intact. However, you do not need to chill them too long as the eyeliner will become too hard, making it even harder to use.


6. Lipstick

If you leave your lipstick in hot weather, it will melt. Therefore, you should store the lipstick in the cold. This cold environment prevents the breakdown of natural oils and beneficial nutrients for the lips. In addition, this is a way to maintain its color and extend its shelf life.


7. Hair care products

If your hair care products do not contain preservatives or are made from nature, you should keep them in the fridge to prolong their shelf life. In contrast, products containing preservatives should not be refrigerated before use.


8. Nail polish

Many people think that nail polish will retain color longer after being stored in the refrigerator. However, you should not chill nail polish, since the components in the paint are prone to clotting. More seriously, some of the substances contained in nail polish if exposed to the cold will likely cause explosion.

By: Olivia Mendoza

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