9 interesting findings on eyebrows

Many women spend a lot of time and money to care for their eyebrows, but they do not know why people have eyebrows, and what role do they play?

There are many interesting things about this part that people do not know. 

Eyebrows protect our "window to the soul" 


The true function of the eyebrows is to keep the water, sweat which do not fall into the eye when it rains or when we sweat. The curved shape of the eyebrows helps the water, sweat flow through the sides of the face and keeps the eyes clean and clear. 

There are over 1,000 hairs in eyebrows 


According to the Bosly Hair Transplant Company, an average person has about 250 hairs in the eyebrows. However, there are some reports that the eyebrows which are not spit up may have 1,100 hairs. 

Eyebrows have longevity 

The average life expectancy of each eyebrow is usually four months. Then it will fall off and new hairs will grow like hairs on our head. 

Eyebrows play a very important role in facial recognition 


A study conducted by MIT found that people have difficulty identifying the face of the person they know when they look at photos without eyebrows. Researchers conclude that eyebrows play an important role in identifying faces rather than eyes. 

Eyebrows express your emotions 


Eyebrows can help us express our emotions. As your voice is louder, your eyebrows move. Not only that when you express emotions without thinking, as if you were surprised, the two sides of the eyebrows will move symmetrically. Conversely, when you want to express what is supposedly "plan" like suspicion and curiosity, your eyebrows squeeze asymmetrically. 

Eyebrows bring you outstanding features 


Many mammals have eyebrows and use them to express emotions, but humans are the only ones with eyebrows on bare skin. This shows that the human eyebrows are an evolutionary advantage, and that the appearance of the eyebrows will help us become more prominent. 

We are not the first ones to beautify the eyebrows 


When we extract the eyebrows to shape them, we are the followers of face makeup history. At every time, a certain cultural period, people have a different way to shape the eyebrows. In the Renaissance, people shaved off their eyebrows, while the upper echelons of the 18th century in the United States preferred to thick eyebrows. 

The eyebrows talk about you more than you think 


According to Mac Fuller, J.D 's book, "Amazing Face Reading", the eyebrows of each person can determine who you are, how you behave. Curved brows show you are future-oriented, who need to see real examples to understand the problem. Moreover, straight eyebrows talk about a practical, straightforward and logical person who is technically advanced. The person who has the angular eyebrows prefers to the right and is capable of mental control in any case. 

Eyebrows are also silver over time  

Like hair and beard, your eyebrows will gradually turn into silver over time. However, it took several years after the white hair to silver eyebrows. 

By: Gitta Russell

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