7 bad habits that creates wrinkles around your eyes

The skin around your eyes is very thin and sensitive, so it is easy for aging to make girls look older than real age.

Squinting much


The skin around the eyes is sensitive to repetitive movements and squinting can deepen wrinkles. In addition, you also need to reduce eye irritation or excessive action on the skin around the eye.

Not wearing sunglasses when out on the street


Sunlight is the biggest enemy of your skin and eyes, and if you are in direct contact, your skin will be wrinkled, blackened, and aged. Therefore, if you go out without sunglasses, it is like trying to create UV conditions that cause wrinkles around the eyes.

In addition to the sun's rays, dust can also cause eye wrinkles. By going in a dusty environment, we often have reflexes to squint our eyes. It is this frequent squinting action that causes more wrinkles to appear.

Excessive eye irritation


Excessive eye irritation damages the dermis, reduces blood circulation and accelerates the aging of the skin around the eyes. Therefore, limit to the maximum impact directly on the sensitive skin.

Putting your face on the pillow when you sleep


Lying face down on the pillow for a long time can cause wrinkles in the facial skin and skin around the eyes. Should sleep in a comfortable position, lean back slightly to one side, use a soft pillow to have deep sleep and restrict formation of wrinkles.

Going to sleep without removing makeup


Sleeping with a layer of makeup still on the face will make the skin aging quickly. During the time you fall asleep, the dirt and chemicals in make-up cosmetics will penetrate into the pores clogging pores and breaking the collagen and elastin fibers that make the facial skin and the skin around the eyes wrinkled.

Using cosmetics in wrong way


Many people often have the habit of applying milk, facial creams and masks on the eye area. However, many beauty experts think that this is a very harmful habit. Facial cleanser contains a lot of cleanser that removes the natural oil on the skin of the eye, causing dehydration and wrinkles fast.

Use a special make-up remover for the eyes, and remember to remove the skin gently, avoid rubbing strongly because it is easy to form wrinkles.

Staying up late


Staying up late is the leading cause of wrinkles around the eyes. Late at night, the eye muscles are tired, tense and puffy, dark circles are lackluster and easy to make our eyes form many wrinkles. Moreover, when you stay up late, the recovery time of regeneration of the skin is reduced and the skin is not fully regenerated, thus causing aging and wrinkles.

In addition, staying up late makes us feel tired, mentally retarded, stressed, poor memory, difficult to concentrate, etc. Therefore, if you want to be young and your eyes aren’t wrinkled, then you need to go to bed early.

By: Stephan Swift

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