6 natural secrets to make your hair grow faster from India

You are eager to have a long and strong hair for easier styling in big occasions of the upcoming year? Just consult these following recipes.

1. Use aloe juice


One of the main causes of hair loss or hair does not grow long is due to the body's hormonal changes cause a deficiency. To remedy this situation, you can use aloe vera juice. Aloe vera, also known as an easy search trees in Vietnam. Additionally, you can also grow in the home garden for use. Vitamin E in the aloe can nourish, moisturize the scalp and several other natural ingredients also stimulate hair growth from deep inside. Simple way is as follows

- Cut a few aloe leaves.

- Peel the outside to expose the inner meat and press to get juice.

- Massage aloe juice on your scalp. Use massage movements to improve blood circulation and ensure better absorption.

- Leave this mixture on your scalp for at least 2 hours, or you can use it overnight.


2. Massage your scalp by cold water with a shower


When you wash your hair normally, use warm water just to relax your hair. But then, do not forget to wash your hair with cold water to help oily skin and hair follicles will shrink to help hair remain firmer. If you have more time, you use cold water showers all the hair spray was feeling scalp massage to stimulate hair growth helped hurry long hair.


3. Wash your hair with apple cider vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is good for the scalp because of its composition has high antibacterial properties, which helps kill the bacteria that cause fungus, itchy scalp for healthy hair grows fast and strong. Especially the amount, axitalpha-hydroxy in apple cider vinegar also balances the pH of the hair and scalp, helping hair grow longer and stronger. How to implement extremely simple:

- Wash your hair normally.

- Instead of using conditioner, you can replace it with apple cider vinegar, then rub and massage it into the hair roots are. Because the smell of apple cider vinegar is also very fragrant, so you leave on or rinse hair as you like.


4. Add protein to your hair


Protein plays a key role and help to healthier hair long fast. Thus, apart from additional ingestion of food such as meat, fish, eggs, milk, you can also direct protein supplements for hair with egg whites - a most protein-rich raw materials. Making:

- Wet your hair and moisture your scalp.

- Use 2 eggs at room temperature. Extracting the egg white.

- Whisk the egg white in moderation.

- Apply egg to your hair and then cover your head, wait for about 20-30 minutes then rinse with water.


5.  Mask from egg and cognac


In addition to eggs, you should also add the yolk used to add protein and moisture to the hair. In addition, fermentation cognac contains tannin, a natural substance extracted from grapes that helps hair grow long, thick hair stimulation and prevent loss. Making:

- Prepare two eggs and a glass of cognac.

- Mix together until well mixed. Use your hands or use a whisk.

- Add olive oil if you want, then rub this mixture into your hair.

- Massage for about 30 minutes and then wash.

- Before doing any hair style, use a hair mask for better protection.


6. Use essential oils to massage your hair


Hair and scalp massage is one of the methods to help stimulate hair growth and hair long quickly as possible. Jojoba oil, almond oil extract, lavender, rosemary, thyme and oils have a beneficial effect on the hair follicles capable of providing the scalp with a large number of vitamins and ingredients Herbal. Doing:

- Mix the essential oils mentioned above to each other or add a little coconut oil.

- Massage are on hair roots, skin, hair and body oil and then the tip.

- To the mixture for about 2-3 hours hairline

- Wash your hair with clean water. Note to avoid being faced, wash your hair 2 times closer offline.




By: Rachel Halliwell

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