5 steps to a perfect matte finish with Chanel

With the latest saviors from Chanel, It is not too difficult to create a modern, mysterious yet radiant beauty in the fall - winter this year.

When the first cold winds come, the skin needed to be covered in warm and balanced colors with a slight touch of neutral ones. Sunny season with sparkling and glossy texture is gone now, it's time for you to play with a little sharp and matte effect.

Matte effect can create a visually modern and luxurious impression, and that is the reason why it will never outdated. Because of that characteristic, this is the main structure of Chanel's Fall-Winter Makeup Collection 2018.

This year, Chanel's Global Makeup Artist, Lucia Pica looks forward to impressive beauty that seems like brilliant aurora. On the natural clear skin are cold smoky eyes and sharp eyebrows. The emphasis will be on the scarlet smooth lips, which are fascinating title a mystery in the cold winter.

Here, we would like to share the perfect matte effect in just 5 steps inspired by the new Chanel Collection.


Natural foundation that looks like a second skin layer

Smooth and natural foundation layer is the soul of every makeup style. With a great start, other products later will show their abilities more effectively. Clean, smooth and hydrated skin is better for a smooth layer of foundation. Besides, you also need to prepare a foundation with moderate coverage to protect the skin thoroughly from harmful effects from the environment.

When it comes to foundation, the ideal suggestion for you in this Fall – Winter season is Le Teint Ultra Fluide, a liquid texture with unique effects. The foundation is formulated with self-correcting color technology, has good osmoticity, contains a mixture of zinc and polysaccharide ensure a smooth, durable layer of foundation.

All you need to do is press the bottle 2-3 times to get a little foundation on your hand, and use a brush to slightly spread it on your face.


A little pink blusher for lively appearance

In the cold season, our face is often pale and lacks vitality, so we cannot skip blusher. Belonging to the matte collection Le Mat de Chanel 2018, Joues Contraste in Quintessence will create a lovely natural beauty on your cheeks.

The blusher is already equipped with a dedicated brush. You only need use that brush to wipe slightly on the highest point of your cheeks in the nose-to-ear direction for a slender face, or on all the cheeks to full up small and long face.


Mysterious cold eye color

Dark, neutral colors can bring depth to the window of the soul. You create light contour with Stylo Ombre Et Cont Contour in cold color Contour Sombre. Then, highlight your eyes with matching eyeshadow from the Les 4 Ombres Clair Obscur.


Sharp eyebrow

Eye makeup can’t be completed without impressive eyebrows. This season, you can design your own eyebrow with a sharper, more dramatic look thanks to La Palette Sourcils De Chanel.

Finally, improve the look of your eyes with Inimitable mascara for thick, long, and naturally curled eyelashes.


Fascinating red lips

To finish the makeup with the most important step, choose for yourself a rich, tempting and bold color. Such prominent lipstick color can neutralize the cold on the eyes and the natural nude color of the skin.

First, use Rogue Coco Baume to moisturize your lips, then gently wipe them with a dry paper towel to reduce gloss. Next up, you can choose one of Chanel's latest duo: Rouge Allure Liquid Powder No.960 Avant-Gardiste, or Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême No. 116 Extrême for glowing lips.

The special feature of the Rouge Allure Liquid Powder is that you can completely adjust one or more layers for the perfect matte effect. In addition, Rouge Allure Velvet Extrême with smooth velvety texture will create extremely matte finish without causing any dryness.



By: Dinah Gutierrez

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