4 ways to enhance your beauty with coffee

How to look and smell fabulous with coffee.

Hair care

This is a secret that you can do very simply without having to visit a hair spa or buy expensive products to have stunning hair.

Mix coffee with hot water, then wait a few minutes until it's moderately warm. Wet your hair with the coffee mixture, wait for 20 minutes then rinse with water. Soon enough your hair will be glossy as desired.



Treat dark circles

Using computer for too long or insomnia, staying up late are the most common causes of puffy eyes or dark circles. You can fix this problem simply by using use cotton pad, dip in black coffee and apply on your eyes, then relax for about 10 minutes.

In addition, coffee also shrinks the blood vessels, this process effectively reduces symptoms of varicose veins.

However, avoid sprinkling coffee powder on your eyes because it is very dangerous.



Apply coffee grounds with a few drops of olive oil on your skin, then let dry for 30 minutes and take a shower, you will soon feel the smoothness of your skin.

This mixture can moisturize your skin, eliminate wrinkles and help it becomes firmer, smooth and bright. That's because caffeine increases blood flow, is effective in regenerating the damaged skin due to fat accumulation or cracked skin due to poor elasticity.

Another unique way to recycle coffee grounds is to combine them with cleanser, creating an effective cleanser to exfoliate with very strange scent. Use this special type of cleanser before applying sunscreen to have a smooth skin and avoid sun tan.



Get rid of body smell

Coffee can be a really great deodorant to help you get rid of body smell. Mix coffee powder with a little water and apply on underarms, coffee will absorb sweat effectively and clean the smell. Not only that, it also whitens your armpit skin, helping you wear sleeveless items confidently.

In addition, coffee grounds can eliminate the smell of onion, garlic or fish sticking on your hands during cooking. Just lightly rub coffee grounds on your hands for a few minutes and rinse with warm water, you will no longer feel this unpleasant smell.

By: Lily Delavigne

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