4 limited lipsticks you will definitely be proud to possess

Each high-end lipstick is already an art work. But wearing a new look with the limited edition, these limited lipsticks have become much more attractive and interesting.


Photo: Guerlain

Guerlain's spaceship lipstick may have been way too familiar to the followers of this luxury line. The luxurious design as spaceship heading to the galaxy immediately melted the heart of beauty lovers right after the launch. Recently, Rouge G de Guerlain has continued to delight stylish women with a limited edition limited of lipstick case. Right! They are replaceable cases.

Photo: Guerlain

Now that you have chosen your favorite lipstick color, you can also select the suitable case for your lipstick according to individuality. Not stopping at only one limited design as before, this version gives you more choice of cases. Still the same design of the automatically pop up lid with two shiny sides, the distinctive highlight lies in the details of the outer case with a variety of textures. The lipstick now is not just merely a beauty tool, it’s also an expensive accessory in your handbag that makes you stand out from the crowd. Many people would not even know it is a lipstick.

With nutrient-rich satin finish, Rouge G suits elegant women that love moisturizers. Thanks to jojoba oil, mango and avocado, your lips will be absolutely nourished. About duration, because of rich nutrients, you should not expect too much. The color will definitely transfer when eating.


Photo: Clarins

Not just a product for the eyes or lips, the magic pen of Clarins meets the convenience criteria to save you time with all in one. The most interesting of this tool is perhaps the innovative design inspired by retro-styled summer vibes of a multicolored pen.

Photo: Clarins

We have 3 colors Black, Emerald and Plum to border the eyelids brilliantly in improvisation. Especially, you can use the Plum shade to line or even apply on all of your lips if you’re in a hurry.


Photo: Kat Von D

On the 10th birthday, Kat Von D released a gorgeous limited edition when covering the entire Santa Sangre of the famous Studded Kiss in gold. Not only this lipstick, all of its best-seller products have been picked up and covered in luxurious gold as well.

There’s not much to say about the quality of Studded Kiss. It's like the convergence the most obvious advantages of glossy and matte lipstick: long-lasting, super pigmented, soft and moist.


6 colors (from left to right): Bloodflower, Larkspur, Moon Orchid, Carnal Carnation, Voodoo Lily, Wild Flower. Photo: Nars.

Bold, modern yet classic, the collection “Erdem for NARS: Strange Flowers” is the largest fashion combination of NARS to date. The collection has floral motifs on the light background that were meticulously designed by Erdem.

The background color of the package also matches the color of Erdem flagship store in London. Each flower is beautifully nostalgic, romantic, and dreaming. 6 outstanding colors of the collection will surely please you.

By: Quinn Abrams

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