15 French nail art ideas for elegant ladies

The French prefers natural beauty. But unlike the mid-2000s, French nail art now has had more impressive creations to experience.

When it comes to the beautiful French nail art, we tend to think of the minimalist image with only one white line on the nail. French people prefer natural beauty with only few colors. It could be seen very clearly in the traditional style that French girls still love today.

But unlike in the mid-2000s, French nails now has had more impressive creations, giving nail art followers a richer experience. It's still the iconic minimalist beauty, but the new French nail art has more colors and textures to discover.


1. Classic style

If you love classic French beauty, beautiful nail design with only a white line on top will get you. However, you can refresh this style by adding layers of nail polish with ombré style on the middle of the nail.

Photo: Sephoracollection

Photo: Naominailsnyc

2. Black rainbow

A colorful rainbow contrasting with the cool black tone will make your hands stand out more than ever.

Photo: Nail_unistella

3. Black and white graphics

Very modern and stylish, beautiful nail polish with graphic has been dearly loved on the catwalk worldwide over the past 2 years.

Photo: Spifster

4. Simple lines

Where are the followers of the minimalism? A single line on the nail will help to express your identity more than ever.

Photo: Flowidity108

5. Contemporary motifs

French style with black lines on white background is refreshing when it comes to contemporary designs. Crossed, parallel and irregular lines help you express youth.

Photo: wehearit

6. Grid

Small gridlines also help your hands become prominent. How to create this unique nail art? You can try with the plastic gratings commonly found in kitchen.

Photo: Me_julielee

7. Floral motifs

Beautiful flowers and leaves lying on the corner of your nail, it’s like the French summer is here!

Photo: Nataliepavloskinails

8. Chessboard

Black and white checkers is a great way to express rebellious souls. You can create this nail by applying adhesive tape on the nail and painting each part with two contrasting colors.

Photo: mpnails

9. French ombré

The ombré trend is also a favorite among French women. After a white line, you just need use makeup sponge and two colors with corresponding tones to earn yourself an amazing ombré art.

Photo: palemoonseattle

10. Fade

Likewise, the sparkling, fading white marble-like colors are always loved by French girls.

Photo: sohotrightnail

11. Colorful parallel lines

The gorgeous parallel lines in many colors on the nail always create an irresistible style.

Photo: aliciatnails

12. Polka dot

Polka dot - a cute round dot is also a symbol of French fashion for decades. Simple or lively, your choice!

Photo: naildesignsjournal

13. A dash of glam

Sparkling and extravagant, a slight iridescent refinement will brighten up your hands more for sure.

Photo: paintbox

14. Marble

Pure marbling on your hands will give you a youthful yet elegant look.

Photo: sonailicious

15. Cartoon motifs

Finally, you can go back to childhood with these nice cute prints on your nails. This is a fun gift for lively girls with young, dynamic style.

Photo: krocain

By: Mithrine Smith

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