14 stunning makeup styles from the 80s to now

Makeup is like fashion. Many outdated trends maybe become fashionable again in the future. And many favored trends now actually were applied a few decades ago.

1984: Natural eyebrows

The natural, thick and slightly tangled eyebrows of the actress, model Brooke Shields did inspire many women to give up tweezers or eyebrow removal services. To this day, natural eyebrows are still popular among young stars, such as model Kaida Gerber (daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford).


1988: Blue eyeliner

Despite being a British Royal with many strict rules to comply, Princess Diana liked to experiment with colors in both fashion and beauty. That pretty makeup with blue eyeliner helped the princess’ blue eyes become much more radiant. Since then, this eye-catching makeup style has often appeared on the catwalk during spring – summer seasons.


1990: Eye and check contouring

The makeup style of using brown powder instead of blusher and eye shadow to deepen the face was applied by actress Michelle Pfeiffer nearly two decades ago.


1998: Bronze lips and eye shadow

The gold-plated skin, eyelids and lips have been the favorite of Tyra Banks since the summer of 98.


2004: Baby pink lips

Jessica Simpson's makeup style that makes her look like a Barbie doll since 2004 is still loved by American girls. It was bold, glossy, pinkish lips.


2005: Copper eye shadow and cheeks

For women with dark, tanned skin, shades of copper will make your skin more radiant and more attractive, like the way Rihanna did with a bright reddish copper tone in 2005.


2007: Spray tan

Paris Hilton, a cute little white doll in 2007, had been leading the spray tan trend. You can use instant spray tan, cream, lotion and bronzer powder for best results.


2008: Smokey eyes and soft pink lips

Kim Kardashian was one of the pioneers who created the trend of smokey eyes with soft pink lips.


2009: Cat eye

Cat eyes were a favorite trend in the 70-80s. After an almost-forgotten time, Taylor Swift was the one who brought the lovely cat eyes painted by liquid eyeliner back to Hollywood.


2012: Poppy lips

Bright, smooth skin combined with fresh rosy lips like poppy petals, that was everything Michelle William needed for a brilliant summer.


2013: Super bold eyebrows

The eyebrow queen Cara Delevingne has encouraged women to not only not trim their eyebrows, but also make them bold, sharp and fearless.


2015: Matte lips

Kylie Jenner has opened a beauty empire called Kylie Cosmetics that has created a trend of super matte lips, which are still popular this year.


2016: No makeup

It’s not no-makeup makeup, it’s truly no makeup. In 2016, Alicia Keys created a new wave when she appeared in public, on the red carpet, and even on stage performing with a 100% unpainted face to support the green lifestyle and natural beauty.


2017: Glowy skin

Gigi Hadid and many other new American models have been promoting the trend of glowy, radiant makeup with strobing technique, showing a smooth, flawless skin that shines from within.


By: Olivia Mendoza

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