12 avoidable things to become an elegant lady

Fake bag, too bold makeup style, laughing or saying out loud is not what a real lady usually does.

1. Carrying fake items


You do not have to spend too much money on expensive designed bags. But not so you should buy a fake bag.

The quality of the imitation is still very easy to detect. So if you do not want to damage the impression from the beginning, say no to imitation.

Instead, you should choose quality and stylish items without the need for a logo. With accessories and jewelry, you should do the same.

2. Fashion mistakes

 An elegant lady will never wear an oversized sweater or tight shorts. Picking the right one is the way to say her style.

She would never wear baggy pants just because she felt comfortable. Her outfit is always stylish, and every item in her closet is chosen according to her body style.

3. Heavy appearance

 Charming expression is an important rule of an elegant lady. Elegant style is not too difficult to train. You can regularly exercise to strengthen your back, shoulders and shaping.

4. Do not take care of yourself

An elegant lady often loves sports, has a healthy diet, caring attention and always consults with the experts if needed. This means that she has a well-balanced body and healthy hair and nails.

5. Too bold makeup


If a girl is interested in skin care, her skin would be very beautiful. She knows exactly what will make her face stand out to make the right makeup. She always shines and looks beautiful without the tons of makeup.

6. Being outrageous

A lady will really know how to control her anxiety. She will never shake her hair, shake her thighs, or let any nasty behavior to ruin her image. She will need time to arrange things.

7. Laughing and saying loudly


Controlling voice volume is very important. Laughter, screaming and language offending others is not acceptable.

8. Quarreling

A real lady always has a personal perspective, and she is 100% sure of that. She never imposes an opinion on anyone, or argues about her choice.

9. Just going and eating


Rule of eating should always use utensils when sitting at the table. If you are hungry, avoid eating and going at the same time. Make time to eat, or at least drink a cup of coffee.

10. Being too honest

Being open to strangers is not a lady's trait. She doesn’t share details about her private life, work, or thoughts with strangers.

11. Arriving late

A lady will know that it is unacceptable to be late for more than 15 minutes for a single appointment or job. She would not wait too long because she did not want to waste her time.

12. Blowing hot food


An elegant lady will wait for cold food to come naturally without blowing. She will use a spoon to stir quickly.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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