10 beauty tips from former First Lady Jackie Kennedy

Only 2 years as the owner of White House, Jackie Kennedy still left a strong impression of thanks to outstanding intelligence, charming beauty and delicate fashion sense.

Choosing lipstick as a kind of jewelry

Jackie Kennedy's first beauty tip is choosing lipstick as an accessory for the outfit. Despite her minimalist make-up, Jackie O still bravely chose bright colors that matched her clothes in every setting.


Sleeping with a silk scarf

According to Peter Lamas, the makeup artist of the former First Lady in New York, she always wrapped her hair with a soft silk scarf or lying on a silk pillow to protect her hair from being tangled up at night. Sometimes in movies, we can see some ladies wearing head caps while sleeping. This is a form of applying Jackie's beauty lesson in cinema and real life.


Washing face every day with muddy soaps

Jackie often chose natural soaps. Her favorite facial cleanser was the sea mud from Erno Lazlo. This product was rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium so it could effectively exfoliate without damaging the skin's natural protective barrier. Of course, selecting and using a natural, soothing, skin-friendly facial cleanser is an indispensable step in the beauty routine.


Sticking to a certain perfume

The loyalty to only one scent would help create strong personal impression. Lovely Patchouli 55 is the perfume Jackie chose for daily use. The Krigler product was a perfect combination of amber, pergamo, lavender and the scent of the skin.


Taking a good care of eyebrows

Before the famous name with iconic eyebrows - Brooke Shields appeared, Jackie Kennedy was the symbol of this beauty. In order to have the same look, these brows should be curled, groomed neatly, and at the same time painted sharply and fully.


Keeping it simple, but not too simple

Even Jackie's perfect images still created a very comfortable and light feel. She used common tips such as using a scarf to cover her head during bad hair days or wearing huge sunglasses after sleepless nights. The beauty tip here is you do not need to be too careful, but do not be careless.


Investing in facial creams

Jackie Kennedy started smoking when she was quite young. Of course, her skin was heavily influenced by this bad habit. However, Jackie still had a youthful, radiant complexion thanks to the investment in Phormula 3-9 Repair from Erno Laszlo.


Moisturizing the skin with essential oils

Adding oil to the moistening step is very necessary during dry days, when only cream is not enough. This former First Lady's perfect moisturizing formula was a combination of Phloityl Pre Cleansing Oil and Phormula 3-9 Repair from Erno Lazlo.


Paying attention to the ends of the hair

Jackie's curly hair was one of the most typical hairstyles of that period. However, to achieve this flawless beauty, Jackie's hair was severely damaged by heat and chemicals through continuous styling. Jackie O's makeup expert did help to overcome this situation by using lavender oil on her hair.


Less is more

In order to maintain the image of a beautiful, flawless skin, the 35th First Lady of the United States used only a single foundation, Elizabeth Arden's Flawless Finish. With its high moisture content, natural coverage and blush effect, it was almost impossible to recognize any make-up product on her face.



By: Lily Haney

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