5 tips that make gorgeous flight attendants

Working under great pressure and remaining unbalanced living habits, flight attendants still appear brightly all the time. So, what are their tips?

It is undeniable that flight attendants should be praised as they can satisfy any demanding passengers and never forget warmly friendly smiles. We should also respect them as they have the ability to keep calm and have everything under control whatever happens. But there is one more thing admirable about them, which is not difficult to realize, they are all beautiful despite huge and stressful workloads.

As a matter of fact, each luggage on the plane is not allowed to contain more than 100ml of liquids. It means that flight attendants only bring few cosmetic products during the trips. And here are their beauty advices:

1. Never forget moisturizing the skin

A survey has revealed that Korean flight attendants are the ones who moisturize their skin most carefully. During the flights, every Korean stewardess drinks litters of water, they regularly use moisturizer as well as facial mist, and never sleep without a humidifier.


2. Be aware of sunscreen’s importance

Owing to their specific working environment, flight attendants always have to work near the sun, and so they are easily exposed to harmful rays. For that reason, to them, using sunscreen is not only for beauty purposes, but also for the benefit of health. At the height of 4.600 feet, UV rays can damage the cells, resulting in skin aging or even skin cancer. To stewardesses, sunscreen is an inseparable thing, and they always keep the plane windows shut as well.

3. Have cosmetic products function to the best of their ability

It is advisable that the skin is covered with a layer of serum before any makeup or nurturing steps so that the skin is healthy and efficient in absorbing nutrients. Lotion layers are dense and moist enough to be creamed continuously during the flights. In order to make your skin tight and moisturized, after putting on a foundation, let’s have a thick layer of lotion, massage your face gently, and then use a tissue to clean. If you have to travel through places with dry weathers, moisturizing serum is highly recommended. An oily layer will function as a block preventing your skin from dehydration.


4. Consider carefully what types of dry shampoo to take along

Due to the limited amount of liquid allowed to take on the planes, dry shampoo is an ideal choice for flight attendants to keep their hair smooth and fragrant. However, they never choose brands which make their hair shiny as such products often cause oily hair after few hours.


5. Prefer liquid beauty products

Almost all stewardesses prefer liquid cosmetic products due to 02 reasons. First, the air gets drier on the planes, whereas liquid products help provide moisture for the skin. The second reason is that it is inconvenient to bring the entire makeup brush sets on the planes, so rubbing with hands is a better method to simply and quickly put on makeup.

By: Chris Stewart

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