World’s first multi-collision airbag system developed by Hyundai

New airbag system invented by Hyundai can minimize the damage to people when collisions occur.

Hyundai is becoming the very first car manufacturer in the world to successfully create a multi-collision airbag system. This piece of news is extremely important because the new airbag system is supposed to reduce 1/3 casualties from car collisions today. 

The term "multi-collision" is used to describe consecutive collisions. For example, after the initial collision, the vehicle may continue to collide with other obstacles or other vehicles on the road. The current airbag systems only help protect people on the cars after the first collision, which means, next collisions, if any, are likely to take away the drivers’ and the passengers' life. 

Hyundai company announced the successful creation of the world's first multi-collision airbag system. Photo: Motoringresearch. 

The effectiveness of Hyundai's multi-collision airbag system is highly appreciated. Even the US National Automotive Sampling System - Crashworthiness Data System (NASS-CDS) also highlights this invention, assuming it will save many people’s life. 

NASS-CDS has analyzed about 56,000 car accidents in the US during the period of time from 2000 to 2012. Research shows that 30% of traffic accidents were caused by two consecutive collisions. It could be a collision when a driver is crossing the middle lane, colliding with a nearby tollgate or crashing into a tree or an electric pole. 

The new multi-collision airbag system uses multiple sensors to accurately detect the location of not only the driver and but also the passengers in the car. From there, the second airbag will be activated in the blink of an eye to protect the people from the next collision. 

The current airbag system only explodes once, so it is impossible to protect the people in the car in subsequent collisions. Photo: Motoringresearch. 

Currently, Hyundai's new airbag system is in development. If everything  goes well as planned, the world's first multi-collision airbag system will appear on new Hyundai and Kia models sooner or later. 

Taesoo Chi, head of Hyundai's industrial center, said the research is still ongoing. Different collision situations will be tested in turn to ensure that the airbag system is absolutely safe to deploy. 

The Hyundai Motor Company is a multinational automotive company found in 1967. The company is based in Seoul (South Korea) and focuses on producing automobiles, luxury cars, commercial vehicles and engines. Hyundai has a production capacity of 1.6 million units every year, and about 75,000 people in different countries are working for this company. Hyundai products are sold in nearly 200 countries in the world.

By: Chris Stewart

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