These cars are the best at avoiding depreciation in the US

ISeeCars has conducted a small survey on its website to find out in 2017 which models hold the best price after one year.

Buying a new car means that the user accepts a fairly large depreciation. Except some "divine" lines, most car prices decrease after the first year. But you can choose cars that are better than the rest of the US market as listed below.

From the time of your car purchase, your new car’s price is already dropped. Depreciation after purchase is unavoidable. Some used car prices could decline slow or fast depending on their automakers. ISeeCars has conducted a small survey on its website to find out in 2017 which models hold the best price after one year. ISeeCars surveyed over 6 million new and used cars sold in 2017 and January 2018. The results were not unexpected as the top five were all SUVs and pickups, not small cars or family cars.

5. Honda Pilot 


Due to the strong trend of purchasing SUVs, Honda Pilot keeps its prices pretty well. The 7-seater SUV features modern technology, spacious interiors and all-wheel drive. But after only a year, the price of the car decreased to only $ 4,858, equivalent to 13.7% of the original price.

4. Nissan Frontier


The Honda Pilot is slightly better than the Nissan Frontier. Last year, the price of this car devalued to only $ 3,180, equivalent to 13.3% of the original price. The main reason comes from the fact that Frontier does not improve much but still keeps the basic values. It is still a good car that people like to buy and sell.

3. Toyota 4Runner 


Toyota 4Runner is considered quite expensive despite being extremely suitable for off-road, even when you buy used car. After the first year, 4Runners only lost about 12.7% of the value, equivalent to $ 4,605. Therefore, the choice of a Toyota to invest is never wrong.

2. Toyota Tacoma


This list includes two Toyota products and this is completely reasonable. After the first year, a Tacoma dropped to 10.4% of the original price, equivalent to $ 3,320. Tacoma is well known for its durability, robustness, reliability and versatility. So many experts also recommend buying a Tacoma if you don’t want your property to depreciate much.

1. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited


According to iSeeCars survey, after the first year, the price of Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is just 8.9% lower than the original price, equivalent to $ 3,199. The car is a reliable machine, strong and has the ability to off-peak. Its simple and cool features also make the car possible to keep the price better than normal.

By: Mithrine Smith

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