The Subaru BRZ GT coupe for Japanese market

Subaru hast recently announced a brand new sport BRZ coupe. It will be sold on 11/7 in Japanese market.

Dubbed as the Subaru BRZ GT, new cars are added performance to become the leading S variant.

Similarly the performance package Performance Package found on the BRZ in the US market, GT BRZ version for consumers in Japan are equipped with Sachs shock absorber, piston Brembo brake discs clamped larger, colored alloy wheels unique 17-inch black.


Additional upgrades include a design with an adjustable front spoiler angular U-shaped, plus LED daytime running. There are also LED fog lamps, new air vents, LED rear lights and redesigned rear number plate modification. Inside, customers will also find leather seats Alcantara and leather combination. Multifunction steering wheel similar smaller cluster 86. Toyota redesigned clock with color screen 4.2-inch multi-function, leather-wrapped dashboard, knee pads and fake carbon fiber interior.

The car is equipped with gasoline direct injection engine 2.0-liter D-4S is fine-tuned to give maximum power of 205 hp and 214 Nm of torque, up from 200 kW power level and size 205 Nm torsion ferment of the standard version. It is combined with a 6-speed manual gearbox.


Suspension also been tweaked with springs and shock absorbers upgraded anti-roll bar and rear-sized to improve the stability and comfort.

Pricing for the Subaru BRZ GT in the Japanese market about 3.315 million yen (720 million VND equivalent) with manual gearbox and approximately 3,375 million yen (733 million VND equivalent) with automatic transmission.

Some images of the Subaru BRZ GT for the Japanese market:





By: Quinn Amber

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