The new Cayenne could be the last Porsche equipped with diesel engine

Porsche is starting to use electrification, so the new Cayenne could be the last Porsche to be fun a diesel engine.

According to a Porsche report in the UK, the company has recently announced details of the future of its diesel engine. Thus, the German sports car manufacture will not abandon diesel engine completely, but it will continue to appear in the new version of the luxurious SUV Porsche Cayenne.



At present, the demand for diesel-powered vehicles is dwindling, and consumers are increasingly interested in gasoline engines and hybrid engines. Thus, Porsche has revised its plans for the car line in the near future.

In addition to the decline in market demand for conventional diesel engines, Porsche also confirms that the decision is related to another software update, as well as the ongoing negotiations proceeding with the authorities. The disclosure is seen as an evidence that Porsche has decided not to invest more in developing diesel models to ensure compliance with increasingly stringent emission regulations.

However, the Porsche Cayenne 2019 will still be equipped with diesel engine, even though the brand has not yet announced its official launch date.



After the parent company Volkswagen's Dieselgate scandal, the Porsche Cayenne with diesel engine was not sold in the United States. The Volkswagen Group has said it will not return its diesel engine to the United States, and Porsche will continue to use VW's diesel engines.

The Porsche Cayenne’s engine is still considered an important engine version of the car in the German and European markets. It started appearing on the Cayenne in 2009 with the V6 shared from the Volkswagen Touareg.

Last July, the German government recalled the Porsche Cayenne version for using illegal emissions software. Other car lines such as Panamera, Macan had also been recalled before that. These moves have caused a decline in demand for conventional diesel engines.



Although it is not really necessary to remove the diesel engine completely, Porsche’s chief executive Oliver Blume still supposes that the diesel engines are not so important to the company. According to Blume, diesel models currently contribute only 15% of global sales, predominantly in the European market, originating from other companies within the group.

Porsche has recently confirmed  it plans to launch the second all-electric car after Mission E. This is expected to be a Macan-like SUV. According to the management of this sports car company, by 2025, half of Porsche sales will be electric cars.

At present, Porsche has invested about € 1 billion in Mission E production, creating more than 1,200 new jobs at its headquarters in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen (Germany). This car combines the peculiarity of a Porsche, superior driving performance and daily handy features that head to the future.

By: Frank Richardson

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