The meaning of famous car brand’s logos in the world (Part II)

Behind the logos of world-famous automakers such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Rolls Royce... is a long history with exciting facts.

The story behind the logo of famous car manufacturers: 

No.6. Ford 


In order to honor of the name of the car manufacturer and show its self-respect, in all the logo design Ford always consistent brand name in the logo. 

The new logo consists of two concentric ellipses. The whole logo embossed symbolizes strength and prosperity. The oval exterior is also polished silver metallic color, symbolizing the outstanding technology of the Ford products. And of course, we can not ignore the blue color over 100 years of development, which is a symbol of Ford Motor Company's friendliness, longevity and caring. 

No.7. Ferrari 


Ferrari S.p.A is an Italian sports car company founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929. Originally named Scuderia Ferrari, the company sponsors racers and racing cars before they are put into use. In 1947, the company was officially named Ferrari S.p.A. In the history of its development, Ferrari is known for racing, especially the company was very successful at the "Formula 1" race. 

The Ferrari logo is a symbol on the yellow background usually has two letters SF (Scuderia Ferrari) below. Scuderia Ferrari is the name of the famous racing team. In addition, the border of the logo is three colors in the flag of Italy. 

No.8. Cadillac 


The Cadillac logo is the emblem of commander of the famous French military and explorer, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. This symbol consists of a small crown at the top and a Cadilac badge in the center, surrounded by laurel wreaths. 

No.9. Renault 


In 1898, on occasion of the 21st birthday, Louis Renault sold his classic car invented by him, the Renault Type A. In 1899, Louis and his two brothers Marcel and Ferand opened the company "Renault Frères - Renault brothers", at no.10, Cours Boulevard, Billancourt. As the meaning of the word "Frères", Renault has designed its first logo with two interchangeable "R" words, in the sophisticated art style of the early 20th century. 

Initially, the logo of this French car was the stylized name of the Renault brothers: Louis, Ferdinand and Marcel. Next, the tanks were replaced in later years, symbolizing the era of light tanks for allied nations. In the end, the word Renault and the solid and brilliant diamond icon are preserved to this day. 

No.10. Porsche 


The Posche logo is one of the most famous icons of all time, the image of a horse on the Ferrari, first appearing on the wings of the iron bird piloted by a legendary pilot during the World War I, Duke Francesco Baracca. 

Located in the heart of the Porsche logo is the symbol of Stuttgart city. According to the language experts, Stuttgart is a shortened version of the original Stutengarten, translated into English as "stud farm”. 

By: Stephan Swift

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