Mercedes-Benz to have many available integrated games

After the success of the integrated SuperTuxKart game in the CLA, Daimler AG is organizing a game creation competition to select award-winning games for their models.

According to statistical studies of experts from Mercedes-Benz, the most expensive luxury items in the 21st century are private space and time, as well as new experiences that people care about. The results of these studies are self-driving cars capable of meeting all human needs, completely transformed from means of transport to private areas as well as various functions.


As a pioneer in the field of self-driving cars, Mercedes-Benz is moving further with pure transport and increasingly placing people in the center of the car. Industrial revolution 4.0 is opening up new directions and big changes for people and society. One of them is to take advantage of the interior space of the car for drivers and passengers who can relax with games, apply virtual world technology and reality like AR and VR.


In order to find the most innovative concepts for a completely new car experience, Daimler is now starting a big competition for new entertainment ideas: the Car Game Challenge. Dr. Philipp Gneiting, Head of Innovation at Daimler says that they are looking for interesting and creative ideas on all aspects of gaming. Above all, extraordinary ideas have high entertainment value, most popular for car users. This is why they are looking for new and unique impulses that will eventually grow to the required maturity level. The best idea will also be acquired by them and ready to deliver on their products.


To find the best game story lines, Mercedes-Benz has opened an international competition for game ideas. Participants in this competition are gamers, developers, designers, and students - either individually or as start-ups up to five participants. Car games with people sitting on other vehicles are also welcomed as unique ideas related to the landscape and surroundings in action. Creative learning games for adults and children are also suitable for this challenge.


The award for the winner of the challenge is the ticket for the ESL tournaments, very much desired by the gaming community in the world. In addition, the prize also includes cash. Also, another very special opportunity is that the winner will work with the specialist department at Daimler AG which will develop more than a test application on a Mercedes-Benz model in a six-month pilot project.


In addition, Mercedes-Benz also has the idea of equipping role-playing games for buses, coaches or in the form of a mobile application. The goal is for the occupants to use their time as they wish. As the bus travel time on a defined route can be easily calculated, the programs can be perfectly adjusted for fit.


Whether it's an action game, a racing game or a role-playing game, people in the car can play together or fight each other. If people sitting on buses form a team, they can also compete with teams on another bus or other vehicles. A mobile application for smartphones or other devices also allows playing games in all vehicles and in any location - whether in trains, airplanes, hotels or indoors.

By: Kelly Jonas

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