Making your car smarter with 5 these simple technologies

The following equipment will be really useful in case you want to upgrade your car.

Actually, with many cars used in about 5 to 6 years, the cars can still work well if their owners take a good care of them continuously. However, when compared these cars with the cars produced after only a few years, we can clearly see the disadvantages.

Installing more modern car equipment is a solution for those who do not intend to or are not be able to buy a new car. And here are a few interesting devices that you can try without paying too much:

A Bluetooth audio receiver


It is hard to deny the utility of Bluetooth in cars. If your car doesn’t have Bluetooth or your phone does not have a headphone jack, just connect Aukey's Bluetooth receiver to the car's AUX input. Then you can play music or answer the phone while driving safer. AUKEY Bluetooth Audio Transmitter and Receiver is being sold at Amazon for $28.99.

A dash camera


The dash cam is one of the equipment that many drivers are interested in. At present, too many choices on the market is also a problem for customers. Aukey's dash camera is one of the leading dash cameras today. It can record video with full HD resolution and has a 170-degree angle of view. Aukey dash camera is priced at $ 64.99 on Amazon. If you want to use it, you'll need to buy a MicroSD card for the camera to record video.

A smart car dongle


Cars manufactured since 1996 will have a diagnostic port. When you connect Automatic Pro to this diagnostic port, immediately, all information will be send to your smartphone. If your car was stolen, you will know exactly the location of the car. The gadget is priced at $109.99 on Amazon.

A wireless charger


This is an interesting upgrade for your car.  Today, a smart phone is extremely useful on long journeys. When your phone’s battery is low, you will  uncomfortably find the charging port or charging cable. A wireless charging stand is the solution to all problems. Your phone will be fixed with a clamshell and magnet system available on the charger. You can consider the iOttie’s wireless charger being sold on Amazon for $49.95

A smart charger


In this article, we introduce readers the Roav Viva. When you plug this device into the car, there are 2 USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at the same time. Especially, Viva is integrated with Alexa virtual assistant. That means you can use your voice to play music, make calls, or get direction guide when you need it. Besides, you can also control your smart devices at home through this virtual assistant. Roav Viva is priced at $ 64.99 at Amazon.

By: Frank Richardson

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