Insanely expensive license plates in Car Kingdom

Many people do not hesitate to spend a huge amount of money just to own their favorite number plates which are even more expensive than the cars.

A number plate is not only a management tool, but also the property of the driver. In some Eastern countries, many drivers believe that beautiful number plates will bring good luck to them. Therefore, many people do not hesitate to spend "really offensive" amounts of money just to own beautiful number plates. 

An Audi R8 with license plate number 28 in Hong Kong. 

Not only in the East, for many other countries in the world, owning a satisfactory number plate is also a concern for business people and celebrities. They are willing to buy a number plate with an incredible cost to "personalizing" their cars. And here are the most expensive license plates in the  whole world: 

25 0 - United Kingdom

In 2014, John Collins, a man with a strong passion for classic cars and the owner of a classic car dealership, spent $684,155 to buy a license plate with the number "25 0 "to “re-define” his Ferrari 250 SWB.

28 - Hong Kong 

The number "28" in Cantonese is a lucky number because the way it is pronounced is similar to the word "yih faat" which means it will always brings fortune. At a cost of more than $2 million, the license plate, for sure, gets huge attention on the street. 

1 - United Arab Emirates 

In 2016, a 33-year-old businessman in Abu Dhabi signed a check which was worth more than $8 million to own a limited number plate with a "1" digit. However, the prosecutor ordered the arrest of the man after the auction's organizer filed a complaint alleging that he had signed a worthless check. This person immediately suffered 3 years in prison. 

D5 - United Arab Emirates 

Balwinder Sahani, an Indian businessman, paid nearly $9 million to buy the "D5" license plate from an auction organized by Dubai Road Traffic Agency. Previously in 2015, this person once bought the “O9” plate at a cost of over $6 million. 

M1 - United Kingdom 

In 2006, a license plate in the UK with the "M1" number was sold for nearly $400,000 at Goodwood Festival Speed. It was also the first number plate to be registered in Cheshire County. The original owners of this plate were a father and his son who used to drive a 2-cylinder Darracq in 1903. 

A Bugatti Veyron 16.4 - Super Sport. Source: Bugatti 

F1 - United Kingdom 

The license plate "F1" is now on a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. The owner, Afzal Kahn, sold this number for more than $18 million. Before that, Kahn bought the license platefor $495,664.

By: Chris Stewart

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