High-tech electric truck Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck

Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck running entirely by electricity with the ability to travel 200 km per charge would be a convenient truck for big cities.

Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck run entirely by electricity can travel distance of 200 km per charge would be convenient for truck municipality tomorrow.


Of course then Urban eTruck nothing outside the chassis and cab it had no relatives. But the good news for the fans came when Urban electric vehicles is enough comedy in eTruck events IAA Commercial Vehicle Exhibition in Hannover, Germany last, with the stylish exterior look slick and trendy for future vehicles in.

Look closely to see the exterior has some elements borrowed from the concept truck spoon Future Truck 2025, with soft edges and featured boxy body. Due to unnecessary grille for electric trucks, so Mercedes took advantage of the space for LED display is reconfigured back can show everything from traditional Mercedes badge to active status of the vehicle.


Vehicle roof is connected to the cabin and bucket load as well as the dress box after improving aerodynamic performance. Trucks also uses cameras mounted at locations outside mirrors.

Power of Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck​ duo from electric motors mounted on the rear axle. Pair this engine for a total capacity of 335 horsepower, enough to pull of 28.6 tonnes. Mercedes claims this performance can be compared with running trucks with diesel engines of comparable size, although more weight Urban eTruck by electric motors. Foundry giant batteries lithium-ion type with the capacity to allow vehicles 212Kwh 124 miles (200 km) per charge.



Urban eTruck has 3 driving modes include auto, energy savings and the speed with priorities different strength. Driving with the management team of the vehicle can use the tools to connect. Driving can track mileage in real time using a tablet, the FleetBoard system allows management of individual commodities, range and route. The system can calculate a route or load compartment on the truck journey of how to ensure the operation is maximized.

However, Mercedes said an official product of Urban eTruck appears in the next decade. This is also one of the strategic product launches in multiple models of Daimler electric load.




By: Liam Porter

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