Ford's special hatchbacks at SEMA

Possibly Ford will bring up to 50 custom cars to attend the SEMA car show, notably including a Ford Fiesta and 5 special Focus hatchbacks.

Ford said it will hopefully bring to 50 custom cars to attend the SEMA car shows, notably including a version of the latest addition to the Ford Fiesta and Focus hatchback year.

The source said that, the latest version of the Fiesta complement ST was designed by Hot Rods Tucci with a body-wide kit. It remains the same turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbo, but equipped with upgrades, custom exhaust system, as well as Cobb AccessPort V3 ECU upgrade. Clutches also have been updated with a Spec Stage 4.


Custom models of the Focus include: The Focus ST's 2016 Blood & Grease label with matte black paint; Its 2016 Focus ST Cinemotive Media with wide wheel arches and performance upgrade from Mountune; 2016 Focus RS with twin-scroll turbocharger upgrade and gray and orange livery of the Full-Race Motorsports; Focus RS 2016 of H & P Special Springs / Stanceworks with stylish graphics.

The hatchback is the most anticipated of the Roush Performance Focus RS. The aggressive body kit gives the hatchback a look "aggressive" than, accompanied by short-crankshaft engine and cooling system improvements Roush, bringing capacity up to 500 horsepower.

Earlier in October, Ford unveiled the Mustang, Fusion and F-150 modified her.

The highlights of Ford vehicles that will attend SEMA:






By: Daniel Carpenter

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