Fiat S76 - the 'Beast of Turin' returned after over a century

Fiat S76, the history's record-breaker was recovered and ran again after over 100 years

Dubbed as the "beast of Turin", Fiat S76 was set to break the record. "Beast of Turin" was born over 100 years ago. Its power comes from four-cylinder engine capacity of 28.5 liters, 300 horsepower capacity.

fiat s76

The "Beast of Turin" came back after over 100 years


In 1911, the Fiat S76 broke the speed record at 186 km/h. The design of the "beast" looks like a spaceship. Each time the S76 ignites, smoke exhales like a wildfire, sounds seem shattered world, and fire comes out from the exhaust after each press.

fiat s76
Design of the "Beast"

fiat s76

fiat s76

fiat s76
The historical moment

Fiat S76 was recovered to take part in Goodwood Festival of Speed. This was the first time in over 100 years the "beast" rolled again.

fiat s76


By: Kimberly McKinney

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