Ferrari to have hybrid and electric supercars

Before the wave of shifting to hybrid and electric cars, the Italian automaker could not stay still. Accordingly, 60% of Ferrari cars will have hybrid variants in 2022.

Ferrari sports cars are always the embodiment of passion, emotion, beauty and speed. During its long history, Ferrari has produced plenty of gorgeous vehicles of all time. The brand is famous to be faithful to internal combustion engines. But the times have changed, the Italian automaker is forced to rely on the flow, and this could be considered Ferrari's biggest move in recent years.

Ferrari hybrid cars will be launched this year, according to Automotive News when interviewing Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri. Italian automaker will not release hybrid cars at the Geneva Motor Show in March but on another occasion of the year. In early 2020, these cars will reach their customers.

The unnamed hybrid sports car will be equipped with Ferrari's 2nd generation hybrid system. The first generation is used for F1 cars and Ferrari's own hybrid supercar - LaFerrari, which is called "most ambitious project" by the company itself. Ferrari has been making the limited-edition hybrid LaFerrari for a few years, but it's definitely not enough.

The LaFerrari is considered to be Ferrari’s most ambitious project.

Unlike the LaFerrari using V12 engine, the new supercar will use a V8 engine, which is more powerful than the Ferrari 488 Pista with 710 horsepower. Ferrari CEO has also revealed that 60% of its new cars will have hybrid versions in 2022.

"By 2022, nearly 60 percent of the models we produce will be built around hybrid powertrains," said Louis Camilleri.

2022 will be the turning point of Ferrari, not only because of the number of hybrid cars but also because the Italian automaker will officially launch its very first supercar. Camilleri did not reveal a specific date, he only said that the supercar would reach customers in 2022.

Unable to ignore the trend, Ferrari is shifting to hybrid cars and supercars.

However, Ferrari is not completely finished with the internal combustion engines. Two limited editions, Monza SP1 and SP2, use internal combustion engines will reach users in the fourth quarter of this year. The Purosangue, the first SUV of the Italian automaker, will have a gasoline and a hybrid version.

Currently, Ferrari supercars are sold for hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Ferrari was not born as a luxury brand that was globally famous with stock being traded in New York. Starting from nothing, Ferrari has been constantly evolving for the past 70 years to get its success today.

In the early days, it operated as a small-scale racing car company and had Italian-American racer named Chinetti. It was Chinetti who helped turn Ferrari into a firm providing luxury supercars to the rich around the world. Ferrari's success made Ford want to invest in the brand but failed. Later, Ferrari became a part of FIAT and Ford is now their most fierce competitor on the track.





By: James Paquin

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