Electric car Toyota FCV Plus with sheer body

Japanese car company Toyota has recently presented concept electric FCV Plus, promising a clean, unique vehicle in the future.

Last year, Toyota has developed a battery-powered concept car into a production like Mirai. Recently. at the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Toyota continues to gain much attention with the latest concept FCV Plus. Along with hydrogen electric motor, Toyota FCV Plus is also designed to automatically provide power for drivers.

The concept is eveloped based on the premise availability of Toyota, providing a clean means to customers. Vehicles using clean energy sources, operates as an infrastructure to produce electricity themselves, help protect the environment and ensuring energy security in the operation.



In this way, Toyota said the FCV Plus becomes a means more than a mere car. Automobiles also incorporates the camera, internet connectivity and many other features such as a smart phone. Vehicle power sources are very active, can even use as a stable power supply for home or can be used to charge for other electric vehicles.

That ability comes from the hydrogen system in the tank located behind the seat back, which can produce electricity for the car. Also cars can use hydrogen from the external source to generate electricity. Such vehicles will not worry about a depleted fuel tank.



Not so the user can switch the fuel supply located between the front wheels, independent used car than as a portable generator. While it still can use the wireless charging plate on the rear wheels and under the floor to provide electricity for the car.

Plus FCV has small body, length x width x height respectively: 3,800 mm x 1,750 mm x 1,540 mm. The size that is equivalent to a kind of compact car but the cabin is quite spacious, very suitable for use in urban environments.



Toyota said it would put FCV Plus concept to develop the production version of the upcoming Mirai Plus. Carmaker country believe that the sun will rise, this would be the concept for the development of electric vehicles other goods water shaft. Toyota plans to manufacture 30,000 cars in the next few years.



By: Lee Royce

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