Bugatti's new limousine: A luxurious nostalgia

With distinctive design, electric limousine Bugatti Royale will be a new step forward in Bugatti's supercar creation.


Bugatti is a prestigious supercar company with world-class super products. Its car models, after undergoing countless sophisticated processes, are always the desire of many people. The price for each Bugatti car is always above $ 1 million, and the highest selling price to date is $ 5 million for the masterpiece Bugatti Divo. However, recently President of Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S, Stephan Winkelmann has confirmed that instead of following Chiron or Divo, the automaker will produce a different electric vehicle in a recent interview. It's not a sedan, a crossover or an SUV. It's a limo. Photo: The Drive.


Winkelmann says the new supercar will have a traditional design inspired by the famous Royale that has been around for nearly a century. The company also doesn't care too much about its speed as the recent Bugatti supercars. The French automaker chose the name "Royale" for its new supercar as to confirm changes in design style. Photo: Motor Authority.


According to Winkelmann, in the future, high speed no longer plays a decisive role. From now on, the brand will focus on aerodynamics, weight, luxury and modernity of the car. Photo: Topspeed.


Bugatti's new supercar is an electric limo, which is likely to inherit the architecture of Porsche J1 (photo), with the appearances of Porsche Taycan and Audi E-Tron GT. Although the models developed on J1 are sedans, the new Bugatti supercar will have a different design. Photo: Motor Authority.


Maximum speed is no longer Bugatti's top priority but engine performance is still an important component of the new supercar. The automaker says Bugatti Royale will use three electric motors with all-wheel drive mechanism (AWD) for a capacity of 870 horsepower. Photo: IDVenture.


Like Chiron (photo), Royale will use ultra-durable, ultra-light carbon fiber material to reduce weight, while optimizing performance and driving experience. The new Bugatti supercar will reach SAE level 4 – no human interaction required. However, the SAE system is said to be having problems of difficulty in distinguishing automated driving from automated functioning. Photo: Bugatti.


Bugatti Royale uses solid-state batteries, also known as solid-electrolyte batteries, for higher energy density, lighter weight, faster charging and longer lasting than lithium-ion or lithium-polymer batteries. Photo: Computerworld.


It is believed that Winkelmann has not received the approval of Volkswagen Auto Group supervision board about the Royale project. If approved, this project will take about four years to complete. That means Royale will be revealed in 2023 or beyond, with an estimated price of $ 800,000. Photo: Motor Authority.


By: James Paquin

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