Bugatti Chiron is disappointing, slower than Veyron

After much speculation that Chiron would be stronger than its predecessor, Bugatti has confirmed their new product only achieves a maximum speed of 261 mph.

Many people joke that, like blockbuster iPhone 7, the new Chiron model from Bugatti 's factory in Molsheim, France lacks a feature that its predecessor has. That is not the fastest car in the world like declared.


In fact, Chiron so far is not an amazing makeover while when its 300-horsepower engine is not stronger than Veyron Super Sport. The maximum speed of Chiron is only 261 mph (420 km / h), slower than 6.7 mph (10.78 km / h) of its predecessor​ Veyron Super Sport.

Surely this information would create at lot of frustration for those who are eager for the new Bugatti Chiron.


After hearing these rumors on Autoblog and other sources, Chiron owners have unlocked special maximum speed mode in Chiron especially on Chiron, which is said to be able to help W16 engine with 8.0-liter capacity of the car reach 285 mph (458.663 km / h).



However, Bugatti has denied the claims above and says that Chiron only reaches a maximum speed of 261 mph (420 km / h), which is the speed limit for the road movement.

Bugatti has no plan to unlock the speed limit for their customers. It even makes Chiron owners skeptical about a problem: where the strength added to Chiron really go?



By: Peter Stewart

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