Armored Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman: as strong as a tank

Mercedes-Maybach will equip armor for S600 Pullman limousine so the supercar can protect its owner from terrorist attacks.

According to the Digitaltrends, the car maker Mercedes-Maybach will improve armor for the S600 Pullman limousine supercar at the request of customers who want to protect from the risk of being attacked when they went out in public.


The car is also known as S600 Pullman Guard, a famous capital bulletproof sedan but with a soft look superficially like no armored. Mercedes revealed, the exterior of the car most are equipped to fight the enemy.

To keep alive people in the car, the S600 is designed by a special type of steel sandwiched between the body structure and the metal plate, the bottom body armor and bulletproof panels to comprehensive. While the coating on the glass bulletproof polycarbonate help people sitting in the debris being shot at if the window was hit.



Built like a tank, Guard meet the highest protection grade bulletproof VR9. On the other hand, it is also designed to withstand terrorist attacks, protect the inside from the short-hand shooting, throwing grenades and a variety of military weapons automatically.

Notably, Mercedes also added electric motor to help people inside closed the back door. This is extremely heavy doors with armored due, and the rear window is also operated by hydraulic mechanism. In the years 1964 - 1981, Mercedes had resonated through the window design for a hydraulic vehicle limited quantities.



With enough interior space for 4 people, the rear compartment is quite large and luxurious car. Customers can also work directly with the company to customize the details like buttons and panels. At the same time, there are a variety of other options such as horn, flashing lights, two-way radio, a battery for an emergency start and a big loudspeakers.


On the mechanical parts, Mercedes-Maybach no changes S600 Pullman Guard with. The engine still of V12 twin-turbo, 6.0-liter capacity, for a capacity of 530 horsepower. The company did not disclose about the enhanced armor protection How influential on the performance of the car. However, after upgrading the S600 is said to have a maximum speed of 100 mph (160.934 km / h).

Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman currently Guard have been sold in the market and will be delivered in the second half of 2017. Starting price is 1.4 million euros (about 1.56 million US dollars).

By: Brian Robinson

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