40 countries require cars to have automatic emergency brakes

40 countries will require cars to be equipped with automatic emergency brakes by 2020. The US, China and India do not participate in this new regulation.

40 countries led by Japan and EU require cars and light commercial vehicles to be equipped with automatic emergency braking systems (AEB). This will be a mandatory safety standard in these countries. The regulation will take effect immediately next year.

Although three big members of the United Nations - the United States, China and India - adopted these new regulations, they did not participate in negotiations to ensure that the regulations would be applied in these countries.

According to the Boston, these countries do not want the regulations related to the UN automobile industry to govern their own regulations.


Safety first

The fact that new models are equipped with automatic emergency braking systems will significantly improve road traffic safety, especially in big cities. In the European Union alone, more than 9,500 road traffic deaths were recorded in 2016, accounting for 38% of all road deaths. In urban areas, 50% of those victims were car drivers and 40% were pedestrians.

Will the traffic situation be safer if these new regulations are enforced? According to a study by EuroNCAP and Australasian NCAP, automatic emergency braking system helps reduce 38% of rear-end collisions at low speeds. Meanwhile, the European Commission estimates that this system could save more than 1,000 people each year in the European Union region.

The new United Nations regulation will impose strict and harmonized international requirements for using such system at low speed, particularly at speeds of 60 km / h (42 miles per hour) or lower. These requirements will only apply to cars sold in markets where the governing body has signed the draft.

This means that current owners will not need to install this system. It is only required for vehicles sold in the future. The automatic emergency braking system is also a very popular safety equipment now and is available on many models in certain markets.


The US only encourages cars to equip AEB

The draft regulation has been approved by the Working Party on Automated/Autonomous and Connected Vehicles (GRVA). The next step will be to submit that draft to the World Forum for final review and approval in June.

Once approved, the new regulation will be applied for the first time in Japan in early 2020. After that, the AEB system will become mandatory for all new cars and light commercial vehicles starting from 2022 (so is in the EU).

Meanwhile, the US government has an agreement with 20 automobile manufacturers, encouraging all new models to equip AEB system from September 2022. However, the compliance is not required. Even so, 4 out of 20 car brands including Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Volvo already have this system as standard equipment on more than half of their product lines.

According to the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI), 28% of the 2019 model cars in the US have automatic emergency brakes as standard equipment, 36% are optional equipment.


By: Peter O'Neill

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