10 famous car logos and their hidden meanings

There's always an interesting story behind each car symbol.

1. Toyota

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The symbol of Toyota is really familiar to users. The logo Toyota used today was launched in 1990. It consists of three interlocking ellipses arranged in three different directions, representing three hearts and meanings: the concerning for customers, the products' quality and the effort of scientific and technological development.


2. Rolls Royce

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Rolls Royce logo is a dual letter R, which is the abbreviation family names of two people founded the car label in 1904: Charles Rolls and Henry Royce. At the beginning this dual letter R was red, but was changed into blue when Charles Rolls died.

Along with this logo, the famous statue mounted on the grille (right above the logo) is also an unique feature of Rolls Royce. This is the well-known symbol adorns one of the most luxurious car brands in the world. Designed by Charles Robinson Sykes, "Spirit of Ecstasy" (also called "Emily", "Silver Lady" or "Flying Lady") has adorned the Rolls-Royce cars ever since 1911.


3. Mecerdes-Benz

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The last years of the 19th century, Gottlieb Daimler, the co-founder of Mercedes-Benz (besides Karl Benz) sent his dear wife a postcard with image of a star surrounded his house and said that this star would one day shine over his own factory to symbolize prosperity. In 1909, after he died, everything came true as his two sons - Daimler Motoren and Daimler Gesellschaft designed a three-pointed star logo. The three-pointed star was supposed to symbolize Daimler’s ambition of universal motorization – “on land, on water and in the air”.


4. Lamborghini

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Ferruccio Lamborghini launched this logo in 1963. Lamborghini logo is a bull. Many people believe that this logo symbolizes strength and speed. But in reality, it represents the birth date of the founder (April 28). It's simply because Ferruccio Lamborghini is a Taurus.


5. BMW

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Despite numerous changes in the logo, but nearly 100 year history of formation and development, the German car manufacturer BMW has kept its logo in the shape of a spinning propeller on a blue background. This shows the pride of his homeland's white and blue flag - Bavarian.

In addition, during World War I, BMW was the main supplier of aircraft engines for the German government, so this icon is said to symbolize the spinning propeller of Bavarian Luftwaffe - that time only two colors.


6. Ford

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To honor the name and express their respect, all Ford logo designs consist the brand's name. The original logo was designed by C. Harold Will.

Ford’s current logo, also known as "Centennial Blue Oval", was updated in 2003 on the company’s 100th anniversary. The newest logo consists of two concentric ellipses with the rate width/height is 2.55 matching the size of the word Ford at 2.4 rate. The entire logo is embossed symbolizes strength and prosperity. The outer oval is also polished metallic silver, symbolize the disruptive technology of the Ford brand products. The use of blue color in the Ford logo symbolizes strength, excellence and grace of the company, whereas the white color depicts nobility, elegance and purity.


7. Ferrari

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Ferrari logo symbolizes a prancing horse on the fresh yellow background, usually with two letters SF (Scuderia Ferrari) beneath. Scuderia Ferrari is the name of the brand's famous racing teams. In addition, the outline of the logo also has 3 colors of the Italian flag.

The yellow color of Ferrari logo is the symbol color of Modène city. And the horse was a spoil that a friend of Enzo Ferrari (Ferrari's boss), also a fighter pilot who shot down a German plane, brought him as a gift. And Enzo took the horse as a symbol of his car label.


8. Cadillac

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Cadillac logo is the emblem of a French military commander and famous explorer, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. This logo consists of a small crown at the top and the family Cadillac emblem in the middle, surrounded by a laurel wreath stylized into tulip wreath.


9. Renault

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Louis Renault designed his company's first logo by two letters "R" interlocking, just like the elitist style in early years of the 20th century.

Then, it was replaced by a tank in the following years because the brand supplied light tanks for the Allies. Finally, the word Renault and the shining, strong diamond symbol are sustained until today.


10. Porsche

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Porsche logo is one of the most famous icons of all time, first appeared on the iron birds controlled by a legendary pilot during World War I, Duke Francesco Baracca.

Located in the middle of Porsche logo is the symbol of Stuttgart city. According to language experts, Stuttgart is the short form of Stutengarten, translated into English is "stud farm".

The symbol and the name Stutengarten show a part of Stuttgart tradition, a place with many horse farms located along the bank of Neckar River. There are theories that the horse image that the Italy hero draw on his planes was somewhat inspired by these horse farms when he flew over Stuttgart.

By: Vivian Henderson

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