The 14 'coolest' nationalities in the world

Can a whole country be called "cool"? Is it fair to say that this country is cooler than the other?

Among nearly 250 candidates, CNN has selected 14 of the world's most "qualified" countries. This is a difficult task because every nation will identify itself as the "best". 

The second difficulty is not a clear definition of "coolness". Are the dazzling Italians with their own designer suits considered as cool? Or are the Russians considered "cloddish" because they still like to wear fashionable sportswear or to the wrestler's hairstyle? 

No.14. Turkey 

As a country on both continents, it is not surprising that the Turks have a relatively opened and rich view of life, embracing different cultures and cuisines. 

Turks celebrated the Newroz festival in Istanbul on March 21, 2017. 

This is a country rich in heritage, famous for the beautiful city of Istanbul, eye-catching traditional costumes and jubilant festivals. 

No.13. Belgium 

This small and drab country is famous for creating artwork from beer and chocolate. Former Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy has a distinguished poet and is nicknamed "Haiku Herman". 

Tomorrowland in Boom (Belgium) is one of the largest electronic music festivals in the world. 

No.12. Nepal 

Severe weather does not prevent Nepal from climbing Everest. 

Nepalese people are never rushed. However, this country is also known for Gurkha, one of the most powerful warrior groups in the world, and the Sherpa living in the Himalayas, congenial "climbers" Everest climbing expedition. 

No.11. Australia 

Surfers at Snapper Rocks, Queensland 

Australia is home to kangaroos, beaches, barbecue and bikinis. Australians have a very liberal and open lifestyle. Besides, it is so "cool" that people think of shortening all the words because they do not want to say the full word. 

No.10. China 

A rock performance in China 

China may not be the easiest option, but with a population of more than 1 billion people, according to the country's statistics, there must be a good number of people. Most prominent is the "most handsome Chinese beggar" who looks no less a real movie actor. 

No.9. Botswana 

Botswana people dance to welcome former US President George W. Bush. 

Botswana people create their own dances, from jazz to gumba-gumba to hiphop. But what makes this country so cool is that despite the largest number of African elephants, Botswana does not choose to build fences around wildlife like some other safari countries. 

No.8. Japan 

Japanese girls dressed in lolita style. 

Of course, Japan is known for its aging population and its office workers are the only ones working all day long. But no one can deny the gravity of the young population, who are not shy about expressing their style through unique harajuku fashion or comic cosplay costumes. 

No.7. Spain 

There is no eventful party like a fiesta in Spain. 

Despite the tropical heat, one word for napping in the hottest time - siesta, Spain is a "cool" country. The people of the nation did not even begin to party until most of the nations went to sleep. 

No.6. South Korea 

K-pop 'Haramkun' band performed in Seoul. 

Renowned for its soju parties, Koreans are probably the best drinkers in the world. Additonally, fashion, music, movies, and the Korean wave are leading the trend in the region. Therefore, this country is definitely worth a place in the rankings. 

No.5. America 

Former President Obama rotated basketball at an event. 

This name must have nothing to discuss. In addition to being the world's leading power, the United States also carries on a myriad of trends for other nations to follow. Hollywood movies, rock & roll, jeans... even the former President Barack Obama also caused a "storm" because of his speech or extreme action. 

No.4. Mongolia 

The Mongols may have missed the top spot on the list, but they certainly won the sumo wrestling. 

Despite creating a mysterious atmosphere for not appearing in international events, the Mongols are actually free souls, pursuing nomadic life, yurt tents and singing the throat. In addition, one can follow the tolerance of the people here as they lace everything from shoes, coats to hats and even underwear. And people who else holds the eagle as a pet. 

No.3. Jamaica 

Usain Bolt, the world's fastest runner, has nine Olympic gold medals. 

Not only reggae music, Jamaican people are proud of so many things, including Rastafarian (the most unique religion), intonation that the world is jealous and the most distinctive and recognizable hairstyle on earth. Fine - braided hair. 

No.2. Singapore 

Lim Ding Wen - 9-year-old can write programs in 6 computer languages. 

In the digital age, when people focus on posting Instagram photos and updating Facebook, they are the geeks, who only focus on computer and technology, are inheriting the Earth. Being geek center, of course Singapore Island deserves the second position on the rating. 

No.1. Brazil 

Only those who are so "cool" dare to wear the clothes in the style of "paradise bird" like this. 

If there were no Brazilians, we would not have the samba dance and Rio festival. There are football legends like Pele and Ronaldo. In particular, the world will not know about the tiny swimwear and hot bodies on Copacabana Beach. Brazilians deserve the "cool" people on the planet. 

By: Roxana Edwards

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