The 10 best countries for solo travelers (Part 2)

Many think that traveling alone is the best way to explore the world out there. Do you have any ideas of the 10 most wonderful countries to travel alone?

6. Vietnam 

Safety Index: 45 

Happiness index: 2 

Colorful street life and safety in all its largest cities are what Vietnam has. Whether you are exploring Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City or Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi, strolling with the hundreds of people in Hoan Kiem Lake or visiting the mountains of the Central Highlands, you may feel amazingly safe and free, which you cannot find in any other place. 

You should have a tour guide when traveling in Vietnam. You can go to Phu Quoc Island to live as a real fisherman in well-known fishing villages and enjoy the classic Southeast Asian lifestyle on the beach. 


7. Chile 

Safety index: 30 

Happiness index: 19 

As a matter of fact, the Chileans tend to be friendly and hospitable. It seems to be good news for the adventure travelers that there is 3,000 miles stretch of desert, mountains and coast here. Whether you travel northwards to the magical Atacama Desert, Chiloé Island, or Patagonia, please take a moment to visit Santiago. All are safe and in control. You can become a guest at a Chilean family’s barbeque and be treated as a family member. This is a truly friendly thing you can find in this country. 


8. Japan 

Safety index: 8 

Happiness index: 48 

After a few days of being fascinated by Tokyo's Megalopolis, you can catch a ride through Fuji Mountain to enjoy the tranquility of Kyoto's old capital. Concerning accommodation, both the ancient inns Roykan and the modern hotel were designed for the travelers. You can enjoy a hot spring, meditate in a garden to blend in with nature and dine at a sushi bar - one of the classic pleasures of solo travelers. 


9. Sweden 

Safety index: 11 

Happiness index: 45 

How easy it is for a tourist in Stockholm, a beautiful little city surrounded by the sea and islands. Kayaking on the sea? Exploring the city park by bike within a day?  This place can fully meet your interests and desires with outdoor cafes, art treasures of Moderma Museet ... Just forget the bustling urban life and enjoy the essence of Sweden in nature, on the lake or in the northern hills, with the help from a native guide. 


10. Indonesia 

Safety index: 54 

Happiness index: 5 

The temples, yoga on the beach, food, accommodation and massage are all cheap. In addition, there is a long list of places for backpackers, devotees and spiritual pilgrims. In addition, Bali is considered the most popular destination in Indonesia for solo Western tourists. If you prefer a place with no tourists, take a 25-minute flight to Lombok, which towers over the pancake Gilis like the shadowy peaks of Mordor. Except instead of hiding orcs and a giant fiery eyeball, Lombok nestles dreamy beaches, splashing waterfalls, surfing hot spots and lush rice fields in its fiery belly. 


By: Christina Baker

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