The 10 best countries for solo travelers (Part 1)

Many may think that traveling alone is the best way to explore the world out there. Do you have any ideas of the 10 most wonderful countries to travel alone?

The two top concerns for those who travel alone are: 

The first is safety. In fact, some countries are considered to be safer than other countries. Secondly, it is an equally important abstract element: Is your country really a happy place?  Is it a place where a stranger like you would really be welcome? Where can you easily interact with native speakers despite language barrier? This tells you whether you can really adapt yourself to this new land or just be an outsider. 

To find the answers to these two questions, we have collected data from the global Peace Index in which ranked 162 peaceful countries. Thanks to the Happy Planet Index, we find a list of places where people have the highest life expectation and happiest life. 

1. New Zealand 

Safety Index: 4 

Happiness index: 24 

In New Zealand, the filming location of famous movie Lords of the Rings, visitors can experience glacier adventures in the rainforest or on the southern mountain peaks of the Alps. Besides, other attractive activities like bungee jumping, rowing, catching a jet plane or hiking legendary route Milford Track are included. 

Everyone here is friendly and hospitable and they warmly welcome all solo travelers always.  


2. Norway 

Safety index: 10 

Happiness index: 22 

The best way for solo travelers to experience this expensive country is to experience the 1,000-mile ship traveling along Hurtigruten coast. The ship will travel along the Norwegian coast, into the city of Bergen and through some of the most beautiful fjords in the country and stop at dozens of seaports along its journey. In addition, your local guide and you can make a plan for a trip along the fjords with all sorts of rooms that suit the budget, from comfortable hotels to huts in the mountains. 


3. Switzerland 

Safety index: 5 

Happiness index: 30 

Switzerland, famous for its privacy respect, is a sensible choice for those traveling alone. You can start a few days quietly, look at the Zurich walkersm, then move southwards to Lake Geneva with its numerous bars and finally see the local nightlife and museums in Montreux & Lausanne before going to Ticino where the residents speak Italian. 


4. Costa Rica  

Safety index: 42 

Happiness index: 1 

You may totally agree that the concept of "solo adventure” was born in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is known as the happiest country in the world. This Central American country has been known as a resort with mesmerizing activities such as surfing on the Pacific coast or riding boat on the clear waters of Reventazon or Pacuare river for decades. If relaxation is a top priority, book a room at the tree houses hotel and join a jungle adventure. 


5. Austria 

Safety index:

Happiness index: 42 

Vienna is one of the small cities in Europe, where tourists can freely move alone without getting lost. Vienna has unique concert halls, dozens of museums and cafes where you can live as a true Vienna resident. Salzburg is even smaller but the number of the solo travelers is not.  A dense network of railways allows you to easily go everywhere, from Innsbruck to Kitzbühel or Graz. 


By: Christina Baker

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