Interesting facts about the hometown of Euro champion

Beating Italy with 4-0 victory in the Euro 2012 final match has put Spain on the list of legendary teams, which made visitors curious to know more about the country.

Spain is one of the oldest countries in the world, with many rich heritages. This is the birthplace of Spanish, one of the most used languages in the world, Pablo Picasso and Miguel Cervantes and the legendary Donquijote. 

When your car is towed away, the police will leave a message so you can be sure where your car is headed. 

Spaniards are able to eat sunflower seeds at a "dizzying speed". 

Madrid is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain.

Lunch time of indigenous people is 2 pm and dinner from 9 pm to 10 pm. Spaniards also start the party from 0:30 pm to 2 am. Those who arrive before 12 pm are considered too early. 

Spanish cuisine is not spicy and rarely hot. Most households buy fresh bread every day. Traditionally, they often buy long baguettes or pistolas. 

Spain is home to the largest tomato war in the world. La Tomatina tomato festival is held every year in a village in Valencia. 

At New Year's Eve, the Spanish people will eat grapes together with the meaning of a happy new year. Every time a church bell rang, they would eat one, so it was until the 12th bell that signaled the New Year knocked on the door. 


Football is the most important sport in this country, it is almost like a religion. Real Madrid is the world's most famous and richest football club. 

Football in Spain is worshiped by the people as a religion. 

This is also the country with the largest number of plastic surgeons and bars in Europe. 

The Puerta del Sol Square is nothing special in terms of architecture and history, but what makes it so famous in the world is that it is the center of Madrid and the whole country, marked by the zero kilometer landmark. Thus, all of the metrology and length of the capital are calculated from this landmark. 


Madrid is the capital of Spain with a population of 3.2 million. The Romans called this place Ursaria (the land of the bears) because there are many bears in the area. 


Spain is the European country closest to Africa. Additionally, although it is only 505,000 square kilometers, it is still the second largest country in Western Europe, after France and possesses 8,000 kilometers of coastline. 

Spain was neutral in both world wars. Queen Catherine of Aragon is Spanish. She is the mother of Queen Mary I of England. Spain is a constitutional monarchy, headed by Juan Carlos 1. 

Christopher Columbus - who found America was an Italian, but the "sponsor" for his trip was the Spanish monarchy. 

The famous tooth fairy tale does not exist in Spain, instead it is a character called Ratoncito Perez. This "tooth mice" is known to replace children's milk teeth for gifts. 

When it comes to olive oil, many visitors think of Italy. In fact, Spain produces 45% of the world's olive oil, accounting for 20% of this oil consumption. 


Spanish is the official language in 20 countries and is spoken in many other countries as the second language after their mother tongue. 

By: Scarlet Johnson

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