Hollywood stars’ favorite tourist destinations

These are luxurious resorts always chosen by celebrities for their holiday.

Quiet islands, parks or historical relics are always the top resort destinations of the stars in their vacation.

Rihanna – Island country Barbados


As a famous child of the island of Barbados who selected to become ambassador promoting tourism images for this beautiful island, Rihanna often chooses Barbados as her resort after the long tours. She has also posted funny photos on Instagram.

Katy Perry, Skrillex and Diplo - Machu Picchu


Two DJs Skrillex, Diplo and world-class singer Katy Perry all look gorgeous when they arrive in Macchu Picchu, a very famous place in Perru.

Taylor Swift – Disneyland


Disneyland is always attractive to young souls and Taylor Swift is a typical example. This is the favorite destination of country music star for every time she is on her holiday. She often plays adventure games with her friends.

Justin Bieber - Aspen Mountain


Justin Bieber often enjoys winter vacations in Aspen, one of the few places where the ski resort is so hypnotizing. Aspen is a county seat in the state of Colorado, United States. However, there is a sad memory that Justin used to deficate here in the presence of neighbors, friends and even create JB in snow.

Miley Cyrus – Amsterdam


Not only is Amsterdam Miley Cyrus's favorite tourist destination but it also marks many of the style- changing performances of Disney star.

Selena Gomez – Dubai


Selena Gomez enjoys traveling to Dubai for the holiday season. This is the country of the world's most beautiful wonders with skyscrapers, wondrous works beyond the imagination and the sumptuous luxuriant materials “retrieved from the ancient treasure trove”. In Dubai, Selena also made acquaintances with Harith Bukhash. He is the founder of talent management company Bukhash Brothers.

Ke$ha – Cancun


With a vibrant personality, it's easy to see why the bustling beach of Cancun, Mexico, was so mesmerizing to the famous American singer Ke $ ha.

Madonna - Ipanema Beach


Madonna is always into beaches in the city of Rio de Janeiro where there are long beaches and many exciting activities for entertainment. This place is also considered a tropical paradise with beautiful beaches and vibrant Carnival festivals.

Lindsay Lohan - Athens


Lindsay Lohan's failure in career has been humorously likened to the decline in the Greek economy recent years.

Lana Del Rey, Beyonce - St. Barts


Lana Del Rey loves St. Barts. This is one of her favorite destinations new year with her boyfriend and family.  Also,you can run into famous stars like Jay-Z and Beyonce on their yachts near the beach.

By: Christina Baker

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