Interesting facts about love

Speaking of love, we often refer to romance, passionate emotions.

Love in some way is extremely funny and interesting. Let's find out the truth about love that will surprise you. 


Roses are a traditional symbol of love, but the level of emotional expression depends on the color of the different roses. For example, red roses show true passion and love. Pink also shows desire, and energy (if darker pink will show gratitude). Golden roses express jealousy or it is only friendship. White roses mean virtue and devotion. So, when you decide to buy flowers for someone, pay attention to the color of flowers to help the enemy clearly identify your mind. 

Sweat is thought to be one of the most important elements of emotional expression, and it is considered a fundamental element in the creation of different fragrances. 


The engagement rings are often worn on the ring finger of the left hand because the ancient Greeks believed that there was a "vein of love" in the finger, which ran straight into the heart. The first wedding rings appeared in ancient Egypt, in the shape of a circle because they represent eternity, a powerful symbol of the sun god and moon god. 


The four-leafed grass is known to be a symbol of good luck, but for Irish girls they believe that if they were eating grass and thought about a certain man, he would fall into the rotation of their love. 

Researchers point out that if a man encounters a woman in dangerous or difficult situations, the rate of being hit by love at first sight is higher than in the office or road or park. 


Maple leaves, a symbol of love in China, Japan and North America, are often carved in bed to bring peaceful sleep. 

Scientists believe that just staring at other people's eyes is a powerful trigger for emotional outbursts in the minds of others. In an experiment, people arrange unfamiliar couples in the same room for about 90 minutes, then the couples will talk and share intimate things and look straight into each other's eyes without saying a word. The results show that most people feel attracted by the enemy. Especially this way is very effective, about 10% of them get married immediately after a few months. 


Women often feel immersed in love for a long time after they talk face to face with their partner, but for man, their emotion either freezes or returns to zero when they take their eyes off that person. 

Scientists believe that most people will be caught in love about seven times before marriage. 


Antidepressants can harm the romance of love because they increase the level of serotonin that suppresses all thoughts and emotions. 

The term "love" is the Sanskrit word lubhyati, meaning "desire". 


Montezuma, a Mexican sheikh, considered chocolate a "love drug," and he drank 50 cups of chocolate a day before having sex with 600 women. 

According to estimates, 40-70% of the murders of female victims are due to love and marriage. 

If the different pairs of males have the same face shape, the longer they will be able to bond to each other. Not only that, they have higher feelings and desire for sex than other couples. 


Scientists have analyzed that the part of the brain controls emotions that is related to love and sex completely is different. 

Nearly 40% of men in the world feel embarrassed or afraid to meet women on their first date. 


Love is a natural painkiller. Research by researchers has shown that intimate couples will receive large doses of oxytocin, which helps to reduce pain and even to stop headaches for four hours. Another study shows that when couples hold hands, even just seeing each other's photos, their pain and stress levels are greatly reduced. 


By: Mithrine Smith

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