Great benefits of keeping pets

Raising a small animal in your home will help you reduce stress, improve blood pressure, or prevent allergies.

What is more, walking with your pet will help you burn more than 200 calories. For decades, pets have become an important factor in the lives of thousands of people around the world. According to the American Humane Association’s statistics, 46% of US households own at least one dog, 39% own at least one cat, and the rest are lizards, parrots, and fishes.

Walking with your pet will help you burn more than 200 calories. Photo: Dailyrecord.

It is commonly believed that people keep a pet in the house just because they look lovely. That's a good reason. In addition, a new study shows that raising dogs in the home also helps make its owner feel happier. Other animals such as fish, parrots, lizards also support a lot in human’ spiritual life.

According to the American Heart Association, walking with pets will help you get more active and lose belly fat. For example, a common pet such as a dog that needs regular activity to stay healthy, walking with them is very necessary, no matter how busy you are. Each time you walking with a dog will help you burn more than 200 calories.

Having a vivacious pet such as a dog will force you to step out of the house to meet other people, which will make you happier, according to researchers at Los Angeles International University. Other studies have shown that walking with a dog is more likely to help you have conversations with strangers, which helps you to create new relationships.

Raising fish brings joy to you. Photo: Inspiyr.

We are living in a world of hustle and bustle, so many people are looking for ways to reduce stress and learn to relax. Raising a pet in the home is a great solution to this problem. According to research by Suny Karen Allen, pet owners have significantly lower stress levels. Specifically, the team asked participants to solve the difficult problem, while they were monitored for heart rate and blood pressure. Participants rasing pets usually make fewer mistakes, have lower heartbeats, and have lower blood pressure.

Keeping pets not only reduces stress but also reduces your blood pressure significantly, according to the results of the University at Buffalo, USA. In this study, 24 of the 48 stockbrokers who were treated for hypertension were donated to a dog or cat, while the other half did not received. It is reported that the blood pressure of the first group improved and stabilized in stressful situations.

Previous studies have suggested that playing with cats and dogs will make children more likely to suffer from respiratory diseases. But in fact, babies living with cats and dogs tend to have less need for antibiotics than children not living with pets.

By: Alan Smith

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