10 interesting facts about taxi drivers you may not know yet

The new mobile application now makes it easier for people to book a taxi and save much more than owning a private car.

Let's take a look at 10 interesting facts about a taxi driver you may not know yet. 

"Traffic lights are your friend, but traffic jam is the best friend." 


Many taxi firms in the world use the motto "We value the passenger's safety over the driver's speed." However, many taxi drivers do not honestly misunderstand this rule trying to make more money. 

"Take the longest route. The traffic lights are your friend, but the traffic jam is the best friend." This is why it is better for you to give exactly the destination and route to the driver. 

The driver is not allowed to talk to guests 


An unspoken rule says taxi drivers are not allowed to talk to guests. Only when you start talking to them first will they be able to answer. However, if passengers feel uncomfortable hearing a monologue about the driver's personal life, they have the right to refuse to respond. 

In general, most people feel like talking to taxi drivers, especially about the local area, advice on places to visit, and the driver's job. Weather, politics and religion are thought not to be a good topic for car conversations. 

The driver will be dismissed for poor evaluation 


4.6 out of 5 is a really perfect score. It's perfect everywhere, except for mobile taxi applications. A taxi driver who scores less than 4.7 points will be fired. So, before making a poor evaluation, spend a second asking yourself whether they really deserve to be or not. Do not underestimate online rankings: it is the whole of a person's career. 

Passengers also receive a rating 


You may be surprised to know this, but Uber's passengers also receive a taxi driver rating. You can find that review in the settings or ask your driver directly. If you are a really difficult customer and feel embarrassed about this, do not worry: this is not worth anything. Except some driver schedules selected by the driver (almost none) can deny service to you later. 

Taxi drivers do not know your final place 


Online applications require details of your final place, but the driver only receives this information when they arrive at your pick-up point. There is one case in the United States where a man puts a Uber car to another state (about 6 hours and costs $ 583). So, if the taxi driver is not happy with your final place, do not be surprised. Let them know in advance if your route is unusual. 

Your phone number is secure 


Despite of mobile applications, drivers may contact you at any time but they do not actually have your phone number. All contacts are through the application system. 

Minimum distance is one indicator 


Have you ever moved to a place that only takes $ 3? It seems this will diminish the driver's profits on such short distances, but modern companies often have a certain minimum price paid to the driver during each trip. Your trip can cost you $ 3, but the driver will get $ 6 - that's the minimum. The point to keep in mind is that the driver may give the customer a low rating if you set the car for the distance you can walk on. 

The customer is pax 


Pax is an acronym for the term "persons approximately" intended to refer to a passenger when traveling in the air. That's the term used by pilots - surprisingly, even taxi drivers use that word! Therefore, when the taxi driver talks about pax, you should understand correctly. 

Not by the driver, but by the system 


One "tricky" thing about taxi applications is the system manipulates employees. For example, when you exit an app, a message pops up: "You only need $ 15 to get $ 300. Are you sure you want to give up?" Such messages exploit human behavior and are designed to make them function as much as possible to achieve their goals. 

Taxi drivers can turn on their clocks before 


Some drivers "cheat" passengers by turning on the clock at the time they pick them up (this is not legal) and then call the customer. In this case, you also have to pay for the waiting time, in theory we have no obligation to pay the first 10 minutes. Therefore, you should take a taxi on time: be polite and do not waste your time and your driver. Enjoy your trip! 

By: Scarlet Johnson

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