Magical benefits of drinking 1 cup of orange juice

Orange is one of the most used fruits in the world. In addition to being nutritious, orange has many other miraculous use if you know how to use it properly.

Magical benefits of orange juice

Orange juice is considered as a smart and healthy choice of many families. In orange juice, there is plenty of vitamin C - an antioxidant that slows down the effects of cell aging process. In addition, vitamin C can help boost your immune system.

Orange juice is high in calcium, so it is suitable for those who do not like milk. In addition, drinking orange juice also helps strengthen calcium for strong teeth and bones. In addition, a glass of orange juice contains only about 14% of the potassium needed during the day, which gives you a good start to a new day.


What is more, drinking orange juice in any way does not increase the amount of fat or cholesterol in it. You can add a little salt into orange juice after exercising. This is a great way to regain strength quickly. Because fructose and 85% of water in oranges are quickly absorbed by the body, which has a cooling effect and strengthens the body.

Another benefit of drinking orange juice is that orange juice contains healthy flavonoids and is a source of hesperidin antioxidants. It is reported that orange juice containing vitamin C may help lower blood pressure. The nutrients in orange juice also act as a diuretic, which makes the kidneys to excrete more salts and water out of the body to increase the resistance. However, drinking orange juice alone is not enough to lower blood pressure. This must be combined with other treatments to be more effective.


In addition, orange juice enhances physical strength, promotes digestion and immune system, removes makeup, cleanses skin, as well as prevents cancer. People who eat more oranges and tangerines have a lower incidence of cancers such as lung and stomach cancer. Large amounts of flavonoids and vitamin C in oranges can help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

As for people with peptic ulcer disease, duodenal ulcers, or pancreatitis, orange juice should not be taken. Because orange juice contains a lot of organic acids that increase acid in the stomach, and causing heartburn. This leads to severe ulcers. Also, orange juice are laxative, so if you have diarrhea, add more water into the orange juice and drink slightly.

Every day 1 cup of orange juice will give you magical benefits. In addition, orange juice should not be stored for long periods of time because the orange juice will lose all nutritional value, especially vitamin C.

By: Hilary Brown

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