04 health risks that office workers may run

Working in office for 8 hours per day may cause lots of unexpected health problems.

Bone Diseases     

If you sit for many hours each day in the wrong position, it will put a lot of pressure on the spine. If the condition lasts for a long time, you can face diseases such as degeneration of the vertebrae of the neck, curvature of the spinal column, along with degeneration of knee joints, groin joints, wrist and ankles joints. Disk herniation is the most common and dangerous. Especially, when the bone joints are degenerated, the risk of osteoporosis also increases. 


Common symptoms are the numbness of your limbs, pain in the back of the neck ... . More seriously, your body cannot move. If you have these symptoms, you should not sit for many consecutive hours. After every hour, you should stand up and walk back and forth to help reduce the risk of these diseases effectively. 

Vitamin D deficiency 

It is highly likely that working only in the office equipped with air conditioning will increase the risk of vitamin D deficiency for office workers, specially for those who are afraid  of going out into the sun for fear of skin damage. However, when lacking vitamin D, the body's resistance decreases and you are at risk for diseases such as osteoporosis, depression, flu, respiratory disease, memory loss, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc. 


Therefore, office people should spend minutes to expose to the sun every day, especially in the morning to absorb vitamin D effectively. In addition, you should also consume vitamin D-rich foods such as fish, mushrooms, eggs ... 

Constipation and hemorrhoids 

Sitting for many consecutive hours makes office workers’ digestive system less active and they may run higher risks of suffering constipation. In addition, this puts more pressure on the muscles in the butt and also increases the risk of hemorrhoids. 


Therefore, besides avoiding sitting for many hours, you should also drink enough water every day and eat more fiber vegetables in order not to face health problems caused by constipation and hemorrhoids. 

Belly Fat 

Sitting a lot, especially sitting in wrong position may cause sagging abdominal muscles and fat accumulation, so belly fat is undoubtedly unavoidable. In addition, if you sit too much, the time for movement and exercise is reduced significantly, the metabolism process is also slowed, so you will gain weight and the waist will be bigger and bigger.


To keep away from this problem, keep your back straight and belly flat all day. Also, after hours of work, you should also take some physical activities such as walking, cycling, swimming ... to prevent belly fat. 

By: Christina Baker

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