Weirdest delicacies in the world

There are some kinds of food that make it hard to believe you can really eat them.

Smelliest cheese 

Vieux Boulogne cheese 

In 2004, experts from Cranfield University in England invented an electronic nose, which was used to analyze the smell of cheese. They have successfully found out the world's smelliest cheese - Vieux Boulogne cheese. This is a soft cheese which is very popular in the North of France. Indeed, there is another kind of cheese called Epoisses de Bourgogne which smells so extremely terrible that it is banned on all means of public transport. However, Epoisses de Bourgogne’s smell is still nothing compared to Vieux Boulogne! 

Local dish with the most nauseating look 

Raw tamilok 

Traveling in the Philippines, don’t forget to visit Palawan and try the ‘best’ local delicacy here: tamilok (shipworm). Hundreds of slimy worms are caught in a log, they are neither cooked nor fried, but eaten raw. Despite its disturbing look, tamilok is said to taste quite like oyster. The dish is often served with vinegar or lime. 

Most dangerous food

Puffer fish (fugu fish) 

No delicacy can be more dangerous than puffer fish though it is loved by many people visiting Japan. If this type of fish if not handled carefully and properly, it can be a lethal dish. The puffer fish’s internal organs, especially its liver and pancreas, contain enough poison to kill one grown-up on the spot. 6.8% of people trying puffer or fugu fish have died after pleasing their tongues. Therefore, eating puffer fish means you are taking a gamble on your life. A professional cook must take a course which lasts several years just to learn how to make a safe dish of fugu fish. 

Hottest pepper

Carolina Reaper, the king of peppers 

In 2007, Bhut jolokia (so called ghost pepper) was confirmed to be the world’s hottest chili with 1,041,427 Scoville heat units (SHU). However, the record has been continuously broken. Up to now, Carolina Reaper has been still ruling the kingdom of peppers. An average Carolina Reaper reaches 1,569,300 SHU, but there has been an exceptional one which was measured at… 2,200,000 SHU. Carolina Reaper is followed by Trinidad Scorpion Moruga (2,009,000 SHU) and 7 Pot Douglah (1,853,936 SHU), whereas bird’s eye chili used in Thai hot pot reaches 225,000 SHU only. The legendary ghost pepper now modestly ranks number 7. Fans of hot dishes claim that despite the lethal heat, Carolina Reaper does have great flavour. 

Most expensive flavouring 

White truffle 

White truffle is a member of fungus family. It is called the ‘diamond of the kitchen’ due to its wonderful flavour and its incredible expensiveness. In 2007, a family living in northern Italy found a giant white truffle weighing over 1,500 grams. Then they brought the mushroom to an auction in Macao. Finally, the truffle was sold at an extremely high price: $ 330,000! Piemonte in Italy is considered to be the heaven of the best truffles in the world. 

Naughtiest food 

Body sushi 

We all know how delicate the art of Japanese sushi is. And to prove their infinite artistic creativity, the Japanese have come up with a new idea - eating sushi on a naked body. Sushi will be displayed on naked bodies. They call the ‘female dish’ nyotaimori and nantaimori when the model is male. The models are not allowed to move or even to express any emotions. Eaters cannot say or do any offensive things to the models. Such special meals are only served in luxurious restaurants. 

Most loved and hated fruit


It is the case of durian, a popular fruit in Southeast Asia. The smell of this fruit is compared to the worst things like unwashed shock or even poop. However, people who can eat durian describe it as the best fruit in the world.

By: Chris Stewart

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