The oldest restaurants in the world

Even if you do not love history, you still have to admit that the oldest restaurants in the world contain many mysteries.

Even if you do not love history, you still have to admit: The oldest restaurants in the world contain many mysteries, especially when these places have kept the footprints of the greatest artists and the scholars.

St Peter Stiftskeller Restaurant in Salzburg, Austria


Opened and operated continuously since 803, this restaurant has ever served some great names such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Christopher Columbus. Chef Andreas Krebs will bring to customers a combination of exquisite Austrian wines with European dishes using locally grown ingredients.

Zum Franziskaner Restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden


Although the restaurant appeared only from the 20th century, the food here remains the same as when the German priests opened it in 1421. It sells Scandinavian-style food with hot dog, pork and a full range of Germanic wines.

La Tour d'Argent Restaurant in Paris, France


La Tour d'Argent Restaurant serves Parisian diners with traditional French dishes from the 1500s, in particular its famous duck dish. The diners can enjoy this famous dish with one of the wine bottles taken from the wine cellar that survived after the bombing of the city during World War II.

Die Letzten Instanz Restaurant in Berlin, Germany


When a restaurant was established around 1621, there are certainly some famous faces here. Among the list of celebrity customers that have been welcomed are names such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Ludwig von Beethoven and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Sobrino de Botín Restaurant in Madrid, Spain


Reminisced by a frequent client Ernest Hemingway in his novel "The Sun Is Still Rising", the oldest restaurant in Madrid opened in 1725. Almost ovens made from Castilian wood until now still work to cater to the famous grilled sheep and pork.

Griswold Inn Restaurant in Essex, CT


Opened in 1776, this restaurant has welcomed the names such as George Washington and Albert Einstein. It also offers overnight stay with traditional American dishes such as sausages, grilled ribs and corn breads.

Tavares Restaurant in Lisbon, Portugal


The shimmering dining room decorated with glittering chandeliers and lacquered wood gives guests a return to the elegance of 1784. A 5-dish menu is also elegant with seafood of France and Portugal.

Rules Restaurant in London, England


Charlie Chaplin, Laurence Olivier, and Charles Dickens used to be diners of the restaurant, which opened in 1798. Traditional cuisine is still here, but there are some new additions, such as cocktail carrying the name of Princess Kate Middleton.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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