Tasty pastries across the world

Here are tasty pastries from around the world that you absolutely want to try.

Macaron - France


Macaron (France) is a pastry made from egg white, powdered sugar, almond flour and a little food coloring. The name ‘Macaron’ derived from Italian is 'maccarone' or 'maccherone', which means ‘being crushed’.

Pierre Herme is considered as a master in macaron processing. His macaroni is a blend of color and sensation. Many people have been surprised by his creations. The grapefruit blends with Campari, and chocolate is combined with salt, caramel, lychee ..., which creates a unique flavor.

In France, in Montmorillon, there is a Macaron museum. Maison Rannou-Métivier is the oldest macaron in Montmorillon, dating back to the 1920's. The ways local people here make montmorillon macarons have remained unchanged for over 100 years. .

Tiramisu - Italy


Tiramisu is a very popular Italian croissant dessert. When it comes to Italian cuisine, Tiramisu impresses food lovers with its sweet taste that those who have tasted once are infatuated with.

Tiramisu is also known as ‘love cake’. In this country, girls often make Tiramisu cakes for their loved ones, not just Valentine's Day but any day of the year, to express their love. The name ‘Tiramisu’ means "do not forget me" - a secret message of Italian wives, and girls.

Cheese Cake - USA


The classic New York style cheese cake consists of a piece of cake with no fruits, chocolate or caramel. In 1872, a New York farmer accidentally discovered how to make creamcheese while trying to replicate a French cheese named Neufchatel.

Three years later, creamcheese was packaged and distributed to local stores under the "Philadelphia Cream Cheese" brand. Cheese Cake is the favorite desserts no less than ice cream. Today this unique Cheese Cake is found in most bakeries and coffee shops.

Gateau St. Honore - Belgium


This cake is made from a cake which is like choux cakes being covered with cream and caramel. Gateau St. Honore is named after a baker and has its origins in France, but Roger van Damme advises you to try this cake in Belgium because it is delicious. And so far, Gateau St. Honore has become a high-quality pastry ‘tied’ to the Belgian brand.

Carac - Switzerland


The carac cake is a green pastry, coming from Switzerland which is famous for its unique culinary. Carac is especially attractive and is a prominent product of most pastry shops in Switzerland.

Black Forest - Germany


"Black Forest" is a German-originated cake with a bitter taste of chocolate, sweet taste of milk and sour taste of cherry. "Black Forest" looks like a normal chocolate cake, but when you eat you will feel its very special taste. In fact, the cake is named as ‘Black Forest’ because it is added to the sweetest cherry jam in the Black Forest region (Schwarzwald) in the southwestern German mountains.

By: Samanthan Lane

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