8 foods that will be harmful if you eat at the wrong time

Apples are good for breakfast because they are beneficial for the intestines, however, eating apples in the evening or at night can cause upset stomach.


According to nutrition experts, eating rice at night helps you digest better, sleep better, however, you should not eat too much. Meanwhile, eating rice in the afternoon can raise and reduce the amount of blood sugar level, which cause sleepiness.


When being eaten in the morning, yogurt is very good for digestion and promote the digestive system. At the same time, you should avoid eating yogurt at night. Because it can affect the respiratory tract, causing cough and cold, which leads to mucus in the throat.


When eating sugar in the morning, your body will become more active throughout the day. Even the amount of insulin in the body also works better. By constrast, when consuming sugar at night, they can increase the risk of fat accumulation in the body. This also harms the digestive system, which affects your sleep.


Beans are high in fiber, which improves digestion and lower bad cholesterol levels in the body if you eat in the morning or in the afternoon. By constrast, as for some people, if you eat beans at night, high fiber content found in the beans will cause indigestion, even digestive disorders.


Bananas are high in fiber, which is good for the digestive system and helps you feel full longer if you eat at noon. They are also natural antacids, which prevents bloating, and heartburn. However, eating bananas at night makes the body susceptible to colds and cough. Bananas are very rich in magnesium. If you eat bananas when you are hungry, it can be harmful to the stomach.


Cheese is rich in protein - an effective substitute for meat if you are vegetarian. When you consume a moderate amount of cheese in the morning, it will be effective in helping you lose weight and prevent bloating. Meanwhile, if you eat cheese at night, it can have negative effects on digestive system, and cause fat accumulation in the body.


Cherries are rich in melatonin - a hormone that supports good and deep sleep, which is good for those who are insomniac. Thus you should eat cherries in the evening after eating. In contrast, eating cherries in the afternoon cause drowsiness.


Morning is the best time to eat apples. The reason why is that apple is rich in pectin. Pectin effectively supports bowel function and prevents constipation. Meanwhile, you should not eat apples in the evening or at night. High levels of organic acids found in apples will stimulate acid levels in the stomach, if being consumed in the evening.

By: Alan Smith

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