8 delicious soups to help lose weight

Let’s discover the weight-loss secrets of these easy-to-make and nutritious soup recipes.

1. Black Soy Bean Soup


Black beans are a very popular ingredient, which has an efficient cooling function and purifying the body. You can add some seasoning such as onion, garlic, cumin (if you like), pepper, or salt into black bean soup. This dish will definitely bring a strange taste for each meal and in particular it only provides 89 calories, giving you enough energy and helping you lose weight effectively weight.

2. Carrot Sweet Potato Soup

The ingredients to make this dish are extremely simple that you can purchase at any time. You can add carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and white beans into the soup. In addition, this soup contains large amounts of vitamins A, proteins as well as fiber to help the body detoxify. In particular, this type of soup provides our body with 272 calories, so you only need 1 bowl of soup for each meal.

3. Lettuce and Potato Soup


Lettuce is very familiar in the daily soup for the hot day. In addition, potatoes are high in fiber, vitamins C, B and potassium. Unlike rice and corn, potatoes give lower fat energy which are especially good for dieters. The combination of potato and lettuce in this soup helps you lose weight effectively and also make your skin smooth.

4. Cucumber Mint Soup


Cucumber is a regular ingredient in today's detox diets. The cucumber contains up to 95% water. Another benefit of cucumber in losing weight is that it contains B vitamins, which helps to increase energy but reduce calories. Mixing cucumber soup with fragrant mint leaves will give you a light meal to lose weight.

5. Ginger Carrot Yogurt Soup


Ginger, carrots and yogurt can be considered as sweet soup mixtures for afternoon snacks, with just 262 calories. Making this dish is also very simple. You can boil carrots, then mash and mix with yogurt. Finally, you can add some sliced ​​ginger.

6. Spinach Soup


Spinach is especially suitable for weight-loss diet because it contains large amounts of fiber and a variety of natural vitamins A, C, beta carotene, cium and magnesium. Choosing this type of food for daily meals will not only help you lose weight (only 90 calories / bowl), but also have some health benefits. In addition, you can add turnips and pumpkins into the soup, which also contains vitamins that help keep skin beautiful.

8. Chicken Pasta Soup


Chicken and pasta noodles are suitable for providing our body with energy. Eating this dish in the morning or afternoon is best for all day long.

By: Hilary Brown

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