10 tasty sandwiches across the world

Sandwich is a favorite dish of many people because it is not only delicious, but also suitable to the modern society.

People nowadays can enjoy sandwich anywhere and at anytime. With only 2 slices of crispy bread, sandwiched between meat, vegetables and a little chutney, you can enjoy a delicious sandwich.

Sandwiches are ‘spreading’ the whole world with different styles.. The biggest difference among sandwiches in the world is the ingredients which are sandwiched inside the cake.

Let’s check out some delicious sandwiches in countries across the world!



Bocadillo - Spanish-origin sandwiches are commonly used in snacks at cafes and restaurants. A typical bocadillo usually has a few slices of tuna meat, omelette, potato, tomato combined with olive oil, manchego cheese and chili paste.

Banh mi


Banh mi is combined with many other delicious dishes such as pâté, sausage, roast meat, grilled meat, or fried eggs. In addition, you can add a little cucumber, and herbs to create a delicious bread. Coming to Vietnam, you can enjoy this kind of sandwich anywhere, from shopping malls, big supermarkets to small cafes on the sidewalks or corners.



Mexico's Torta is served with pork tenderloin, diced beef, or torn chicken. In addition, Torta can be served with cheese, butter, tomatoes, onions and vegetables.



Having originated in Mexico, Pambazo has much in common with ‘his brother’ Torta. However, the meat being sandwiched makes Pambazo special. Forms of the Pambazo are also more delicious and attractive than Torta.



Another Mexican sandwich on the list is Cemita. This cake is covered with a layer of butter, cheese, chili paste and a herb called papalo, combined with sliced pork.



Montreal smoked meat of the Jewish people consists two pieces of rye bread served with slices of marinated and smoked beef.



Smorrebrod is a traditional Danish sandwich. A thick layer of butter is applied to the surface of the bread made from rye. This type of sandwich is combined with smoked salmon, roast beef, seafood or boiled eggs, a little sauce with tomatoes, cucumbers and bitter vegetables to create a delicious sandwich.



This type of sandwich from Korea uses Italian bread but its taste still has its own characteristics thanks to the Korean beef. This sandwich is also served with cheese, onion, green peppers, pepper and sweet chili sauce.



Tonkatsu is a favorite dish of Japanese people. Two slices of white bread "embrace" the pieces of fried chicken with chopped vegetables, sauces and chili paste.



Like other versions of the sandwich, Chacarero consists of two slices of toasted bread with beef, chicken, tomatoes, butter and sauces. However, the special feature of Chacarero is the green beans which create a strange taste for this sandwich from Chile.

By: Ashley Brown

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