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Rihanna is undeniably a multi-talented singer. From pop, dance and house to ballad and EDM, there is no music genre that Rihanna is unable to sing. Most of her songs have become big hit singles and top the world's online music charts. This is the reason why the singer born in 1988 is named " the Digital Queen of the Universe". Take a look at the 10 most popular songs of Rihanna up to now. 




The big hit in 2012 is considered as a breakthrough in Rihanna’s career when she dared to try a R & B version mixed with soul and electropop. As soon as it was released, "Diamonds" hit more than 20 national music charts in the world and became her 12th single to win the No. 1 Billboard Hot 100, helping her to compete with big names like Madonna and The Supremes. Rihanna became one of the artists to have the most number-one singles on this chart. 


"S & M"is a lively electrodance song showing the wildness of the singer. Both the original and the remix of "S & M" with the voice of Britney Spears captured much public attention throughout the first months of 2011. However, this song and its music video are banned in many countries because of its vulgar content. 



"SOS" is a dance-pop and R & B song based on the original version of Soft Cell's song "Tainted Love" which was released in 1981. "SOS" became a commercially successful single. In the United States, it was Rihanna's first single which topped the Billboard Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks. 

"Hard" (ft. Jeezy) 

Hard" is a hip-hop and R & B song showing Rihanna’s resistance to the media who always makes unreal stories about her, so it has a reckless and couldn't-care-less tone. 

"What's My Name?” ft. Drake 

This romantic love song marked the first collaboration between Rihanna and Drake. “What’s my name” has received tremendous compliments from professionals.

Rude Boy 

This song used to cause much controversy in the critics. Whereas the rhythm of "Rude Boy" is extremely complex when combining dancehall up-tempo, pop and R & B music, RiRi's voice in this song is considered too dull and has no highlight. However, it has achieved a lot of success and twice certificated Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). 

"Only Girl (In The World)" 

Only Girl (In The World) is a fast paced dancepop song that combines elements of Europop.The song is unique with its heavy bass and its powerful use of synth sounds. Only Girl (In The World)" helped the Digital Queen win the Best Dance Recording category at the 53rd GRAMMY.

“Pon De Replay” 

Back in 2005, Rihanna's single debut helped her make a big impact on the music market. "Pon De Replay" belongs to the dancepop genre, incorporating dancehall and R & B and reggae of the West Indies. Professionals commented that the structure of the song was so impeccable. 

"We Found Love" – ft Calvin Harris 

"We Found Love" is truly a great product in RiRi's career. Composed by the talented Scottish DJ, the song has the extremely addictive electro house melody. The song's video revolves around sex, drugs and money, alluding to the violent actions of ex-boyfriend Chris Brown to Rihanna. This MV helped RiRi win the 53rd Grammy Award for "Best Short MV" and "Video of the Year" at 2012 MTV Video Music Awards. 

“Umbrella” ft. JAY-Z 

It was "Umbrella" that opened Rihanna's successful era. "Umbrella" received numerous compliments from music critics, as the majority highly appreciated Rihanna's "ella, ella" hook and vocals in the chorus. The song also lied in the 2007 best-seller singles list of prestigious magazines such as Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone and Time. At the same time, it brought Rihanna countless nominations and awards. In 2007, "Umbrella" won the "Video of the Year" and "Single of the Year" categories at the MTV Video Music Awards. At the 50th Grammy, "Umbrella" continued to bring Rihanna and Jay-Z two other nominations for "Record of the Year" and” Song of the Year”. 

By: Christina Baker

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