Kesha: From a victim to a Hollywood star

It is thought that Kesha has been forgotten since facing the psychological crisis caused by Dr. Luke. But then, she overcame her misery and made amazing music, again.

The scandalous sue of the world showbiz  

Kesha is considered a strong artist of contemporary music. With the madness of rhythm and lyrics, she is the artist who topped many charts with the hit songs Die Young, Tik Tok, etc. and quickly stole the heart of the audience, despite receiving opposite opinions from the professionals.


After years of asking the court to help her cancel her contract with Sony Records and producer, Luke, for the reason that she was exploited by the company and sexually abused by the manager and her career development was threatened for more than 10 years. In October 2014, the two (Kesha and Luke) filed dueling lawsuits against each other. Kesha's came in California and claimed that Luke drugged and "forced himself" on her, and used his position of power to take control of her career. Luke's came in New York and claimed that Kesha is attempting to extort him in order to extricate her from contracts. Despite her concrete evidence, Kesha still suffered a setback in her lawsuit. This stirred the showbiz’s anger. A series of protests took place and many artists raised their voice.  

A sex victim becomes a Hollywood star


“You don’t own me, I am not just one of your many toys… you don’t own me, don’t try to change me in any way…don’t tell me what to do and don’t tell me what to say, please…” This is the lyrics of late singer Lesley Gore's song You Do not Own Me. This action of Kesha is a strong resistance to Dr. Luke, who she sued for having sexually abused her. Her strength quickly led the fan community to become stronger. This is also the stepping stone for her new album titled Rainbow, five years since her last album debut.


Three singles marking Kesha’s return are Praying”, “Woman” and “Learn To Let Go”. More specially, after more than four years, Kesha has restarted the tour to promote her upcoming album released on August 11, 2017. "My new album 'Rainbow' is dedicated to my fans. And I'm so excited to be able to invite you all to come boogie with me on my new 'Rainbow Tour'," says Kesha. "I would not have made it to this point without my animals and supporters so now come out and join the celebration with me."


For those who have gone through the horrors of being a victim of sexual abuse, Kesha's return is her strength and “counterattack” for those who push her into the scary times. Kesha's lawsuit did not help her regain the justice, but she always gains the support and encouragement from her true fans.

By: Christina Baker

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