Chadwick Boseman: a 'Black Panther' in both movie and real life

At 42, Chadwick Boseman hardly doubted he would become the center of the whole world as a black superhero.

By becoming the first superhero to appear on the cover of Time magazine, the dark superhero has his first personal film in film history. Actor Chadwick Boseman and his role - Black Panther are making extraordinary happenings in Hollywood.


The success of “Black Panther” has helped Chadwick Boseman have been living differently throughout his career for over 10 years. However, what Chadwick Boseman wants to pursue is not just the glory of the big screen, but also the voice of enough weight to continue the battle for black racial equality.

Receiving the role of Black Panther only after a phone call

Chadwick Boseman was born in Georgia and grew up in Anderson, a small business man with no artistic background. He graduated from Howard University and studied at the American Academy of Arts in Oxford. By 2008, Boseman moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, director and scriptwriter.


He had his first starring role as the legendary football player - Floyd Little in movie “The Express” (2008) directed by Gary Fleders. By 2013, he made a breakthrough in his career as an actor in the legendary Jackie Robinson in a biographical movie (2013). Soon after, Hollywood continued to welcome him as the great musician James Brown on “Get On Up” (2014). In the same year, Boseman was also named Top 10 for Best Actor of the Year in 2014 by Time and received Virtuous Award at Santa Barbara International Film Festival.


Boseman officially joined Marvel Universe Cinema (MCU) and launched superhero hero Black Panther in “Captain America: Civil War” in May 2016. Especially, Boseman nodded to the role after a phone call. Maybe this is the call that Chadwick Boseman has been waiting for a long time with special status in a series of blockbuster. As an actor from the school of art, coming up from his efforts, more than anyone else, Chadwick Boseman understands the harshness and discrimination that Hollywood has for black people.

Being obsessed with racial discrimination


Until now, Chadwick Boseman is still obsessed with the death of a friend in secondary school. A bullet from a white man took the life of his friend, a black student. Seeing his friend killed because of racial discrimination, Chadwick Boseman is clearly aware that this is a struggle he has to embark himself.


"Black Panther" must have somewhat satisfied Chadwick Boseman as it doesn’t only build successfully on the big screen an image of colored superhero but also draws a true picture of the culture of the black continent, where the colored people are able to assert their power.

After the success of Black Panther, he will be re-released in "Avengers: Infinity War", the biggest blockbuster MCU will debut in May.

By: Relly Jonas

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