Korean fall skincare routine and tips

Fall weather means drier skin, flakiness, and irritation. Korean fall skincare routine will help you fix it.

1. Start out by double cleansing.


- Try replacing a foam cleanser with a cleansing water. For example, some cleansing with rose petal extracts that will hydrate your skin.

- To use, saturate a cotton pad and sweep gently across your face.

2. Buff dry patches away with a chemical exfoliator.


- Use rough side to remove dead skin.

- Switch to the softer side to remove excess debris.

- Rinse with warm water, then pat with dry towel.

3. Apply a toner to deeply hydrate and soothe dry, irritated skin.


4. Add in a sheet mask 1 - 2 times a week for an extra boost of moisture.


5. Apply an essence with hyaluronic acid such as snail mucin to repair and draw moisture to the skin.


6. For extra dry skin, use an oil serum on dry patches or all over your skin.


7. Take care of your dedicate eye area. 


8. Seal it all in with a hydrating moisturizer.


9. Don't forget sunscreen, beacause the sun still shines in fall.


All credit goes to: Soko Glam






By: Rachel Halliwell

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